Lady Gaga Paints and Performs on ‘Alan Carr: Chatty Man’

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga took ARTPOP to a new level during her appearance on British talk show “Alan Carr: Chatty Man.” With an iPad attached to her chest, Mother Monster sat down at a white piano and performed a stripped-down version of “Do What U Want.” An emotional Gaga also sang her ballad “Dope” as tears rolled down her face.

After taking a shot of whiskey and connecting her iPad to a charger, she sat down with Chatty Man. During their candid conversation, she spoke about nearly going insane and called for a boycott of the Olympics in Russia after their anti-gay laws.

When asked whether she Googles herself, Gaga replied, “I’m aware that I’m a polarizing figure, so I’ll sort of put my toe in the asshole, and then I go, ‘Oh no no, that’s OK.’”

She also showcased her creativity while painting a portrait of Chatty Man. But the paint soon came off the canvas and onto the comedian’s body as Gaga took a hands-on approach.

See her go hard in the paint.

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  1. meme



  2. Closeted star

    Will IT go away if they throw Grammys at her?
    Let’s find out!

    toned down the silly show and sits at the piano!
    Voice is amazing
    No fanfare
    just singing
    Now you start listening to her…
    not the most classic lyrics
    but damn she slays!
    Hope she will have a at least 5 years break after this album!


  3. Colleen

    At least 5 years break get over yourself love!!


  4. Andy

    YES! MORE OF THIS GAGA… but… are you really crying for that lame-azz song Gaga??? Ridiculous


  5. Sushi

    aahhhhh I’ve always loved this show! he’s too funny NOT to watch XD


  6. muzikxxx

    crying as she sings I need you more then dope? mess. as usual.


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