Justin Bieber Enlists Lil Wayne, Future, & Big Sean for ‘Journals’ Album

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber closed out his #MusicMondays series this week, but he has one more surprise for his fans. The pop singer has announced that his Journals album will arrive just in time for Christmas.

According to Billboard, Bieber will compile his #MusicMondays tracks into a temporary collection called Journals that will also include a couple of videos and the trailer for the Believe movie, which hits theaters on Christmas Day.

Journals will be available exclusively on iTunes beginning December 16 and ending January 2, 2014. The songs will continue to be sold on a per-track basis on iTunes after January 2.

In addition to collaborations with R. Kelly and Chance the Rapper, the album will include five previously unreleased songs, with appearances from Lil Wayne (“Backpack”), Big Sean (“Memphis”), and Future (“What’s Hatnin’”), plus production from Diplo.

He plans to release a video for the Chance the Rapper-assisted “Confident” at the top of 2014. At that time, he will also announce his next album, due in the fourth quarter of 2014.

In the meantime, he plans to take his first vacation of longer than two weeks since he was 12 and hit the studio to work on his next album.

Journals Tracklisting

1. “Heartbreaker”
2. “All That Matters”
3. “Hold Tight”
4. “Recovery”
5. “Bad Day”
6. “All Bad”
7. “PYD” feat. R. Kelly
8. “Roller Coaster”
9. “Change Me”
10. “Confident” feat. Chance the Rapper
11. “One Life”
12. “Backpack” feat. Lil Wayne
13. “What’s Hatnin’” feat. Future
14. “Swap It Out”
15. “Memphis” feat. Big Sean
16. “All That Matters” – Music Video
17. Justin Bieber’s Believe Theatrical Trailer
18. Guatemala Pencils of Promise Journal Video

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  1. Zave

    Omg Vanilla Ice or nah? I just can’t take him or his music seriously. For some reason he hasn’t “matured” to me yet.


    Rob Reply:

    Usher made this guy and he is not featuring with him? f.ck that pussy dude


    blasterUp Reply:

    @Rob, He did in the past. I think he has new mentors. I am curious about the one with Future, “What’s hatnin”. All the past 10 R&B tracks were dope. I’m gonna buy it.


  2. EL

    This marketing plan and ltd edition release idea is, um, interesting. I guess.


    blasterUp Reply:

    @EL, This is the new way to release albums I guess? Something like this has never been done before, so let’s see if it becomes standard. The next 5 tracks coming up better be as good as the last 10 which were fire.


  3. Andy

    too much commercial, as always!

    but that Guatemala thing caught my attention :O


  4. A Realist

    lol I knew he would compile these songs into an album. But its gonna be a good album because the songs have all be fire!


  5. King Fierce

    “In the meantime, he plans to take his first vacation of longer than two weeks since he was 12 and hit the studio to work on his next album.” Are you serious? Cry me a river. I’m sure he’s not the only one who hasn’t had a vacation since he was 12 expect I doubt it had anything to do with getting an education and going to college like the rest of us.


    King Fierce Reply:

    @King Fierce, *except.


  6. Righteous

    Fcuk lil Wayne , birdman…..and nicki for hanging with this shit.Y’all gone too far chasing. Dollars!


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