Rap-Up TV: R. Kelly Talks Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, & Bruno Mars

Twenty years since making his debut, R. Kelly remains one of the most influential and consistent hitmakers in the game. Before his 12th solo album Black Panties drops tomorrow, the R&B genius sat down with Rap-Up TV for an exclusive interview. In Part 1, he discusses his recent collaborations with pop superstars Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Bruno Mars, and his latest work.

Black Panties is mixed with 12 Play, TP-2.com, and a bit of the Born Into the 90′s album,” he said of the project, which features everyone from 2 Chainz to Kelly Rowland. “It’s got all those elements in there, but of today.”

He collaborated with Justin Bieber on his #MusicMondays single “PYD.” The two met up a year ago after discovering they were staying in the same hotel.

“I was lovin’ his music, he was lovin’ mine, so we said, ‘Man, we got to do something together,’” said Kellz. “He finally sent me a track and it was ‘PYD,’ and I put my verse on it and the rest is just history.”

He was so pleased with the results that he’s enlisted the teen idol for his next album. “He’s gonna be doing something on my next up-and-coming album,” revealed Kellz.

Last month, the Chicago native shared the stage with another pop powerhouse, Lady Gaga, at the American Music Awards. “I feel like I met my match when I met Gaga,” he said. “She got a lot of balls. She got a lot of nerve. She’s not afraid to express her music through her vision.”

The two shot a video for their collaboration “Do What U Want,” which Kellz describes as “retarded,” adding, “If you put the two together, you got bi-polar maybe or something like that. … It’s gonna be off the chain.”

If that wasn’t enough, he also guests on the remix to Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla,” which he admits was a challenge at first.

Additionally, he hinted that Bruno may be featured on an upcoming remix of his. “I’ve been talking about, once the album gets going, gettin’ some of these guys that called me. I’ma call them up and say, ‘Hey man, you owe me a favor, dawg.’”

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  1. D. kells

    The man is and remains humble he is a legend despite his trials and tribulations. He was blessed with a gift a voice that has never changed and that continues to sound as good as it did when he first sang 25 years ago. Not many artist can still sound the same still rock a crowd the same and still be relevant as R. Kelly is today. There will always be haters there will always be those who bring up his down falls his case or his personal life but the man is a musical genius. God can only judge him. The man has so many hit songs he could compose a double album by itself of hits not many artist can do that. He is one of the few and most influential R&B artist of two generations. He has sold 55 million records worldwide in R&B music he is the King Of R&B. Name one person who has wrote for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Ronald Isley, Charlie Wilson, Trey Songz, Celine Dion and so many more artist. The man made a soap opera called Trapped In The Closet and has composed albums from raunchy R&B, Gospel, Smooth stepping albums and collarborated with many genre’s of music and has wrote for many genre’s. He has earned his mark in music and has made his legacy in R&B music. Many will always try to label him as a pedophile but lets not forget he was found unguilty and we all know how a black man is treated in court they will chew you up and spit you out and trust he was. We can all say this and that but we don’t know nothing but what we see on tv and what we read in paper and we all know how media can turn and twist things. Also we often speak on celebrity lives but don’t know them at all. We don’t know what was said what was done or how anything happened. So at the end of the day God judges a man’s life not us. But as for his music he is a brilliant singer, composer, producer, writer and performer after 25 years of a blessed career he is still rocking shows. There aren’t many who can still say that. He is the “King Of R&B” I respect his musical talent and he blew the roof off at the Arsenio Hall show.


  2. Kenyon Green

    The G.O.A.T.


  3. Rob

    He fell off sadly. Even with Gaga’s help people don’t care about him so much anymore and now he’s trying to push himself with all these artists like Bieber etc.


    D. kells Reply:

    @Rob, How has he fell off? What else does he have to prove? He has sold millions of records and also sold out concerts and still sells out concerts. He has always made raunchy music and videos and has always collaborated with artist of the new generation for 2 decades he has been doing the same thing. I never understand people who say he fell off or he is trying to hard as if he has not done what he is doing now when he first came out. Has anyone forgot who R. Kelly is and the music he has done for 25 years! So what if he collaborates with Justin Bierber or Lady Gaga its called growing and moving with the time and doing the unexpected that is what makes him so great. He can do music with anyone from the Bruno Mars, Gaga, Bieber and many more new artist of the new era of pop, R&B and rap. He has not fell off by far, This man has stayed on top of his music game and grown with it as well from the early 90′s into 2014 and that’s just facts. I respect your opinion and I respect what you have to say but its not true. You grow with music and you continue to learn in the music game there are very few who are still around 25 years plus and still have people trying to collaborate with you and also to still be talked about and on every award show and TV show performing still at his level and still can sing and make a hit in this music business.


    L.I.Am Reply:

    @D. kells, Im as big an R. Kelly fan as they come. Recently, this past album or two he hasnt lived up to his own standards. Ive heard the new album and it isnt an R. Kelly classic. Too much of that same 2 Chainz flow that everyone is using now.


    D. kells Reply:

    @L.I.Am, The bottom comment was meant for you in response I hate when I write on this site on my phone it always does something dumb.


    Rob Reply:

    @D. kells, I respect R. Kelly and your opinion but you can’t tell me that his 2 latest albums was good. He changed himself in a wrong way but it is just my opinion. He sold many records but this isn’t a excuse for an artist… why shouldn’t he record another classics songs/albums because he sold many records or what? wrong logic man.

    On his 2 latest albums there isn’t even one song which I would listen over and over again. R. Kelly can do it much better than this what we heard that’s why I said “fell off”.


    D. kells Reply:

    @Rob, See that is your thoughts on his album which you are entitled to and I respect that. On Love Letter and Write Me Back those were two albums composed from his past influences he used to listen to and who inspired him to write and perform music such as Sam Cooke a great and legend in his own right. Those two albums I can play front to back without a doubt. Those two last albums were classic R&B music and a tribute to the old school classic R&B that was made back in the 80′s.

    He has never fell off if he fell off he would not be in the game today we would not be talking about him. He would not be on every show and award show this past year his concerts would not be selling out. The man has never fell off he has evolved and he is not a one trick pony who only does one thing or just stays the same. Its a reason why 25 years later he still can rock a house he can still sell records. R. Kelly has no more to prove he does music for the love of music. Watch a video on him explaining his last two albums and what inspired those past two albums. Those were great smooth albums with Love songs all over them those were albums me and my grandmother could listen to and my mom and aunts could dance to. This man is a genius in the music game.

    If I may steal a line from Jay-Z if you want to hear R. Kelly old music the buy his old albums.

    Respect for the King Of R&B.

  4. D. kells

    I respect what you have to say as well and I like the new album I like my story based off what R. Kelly has to say I can do without 2 Chains he sucks in my opinion some may like him I don’t. The new album has some good songs on it I have had the album for 2 weeks now. Such as Genius, All The Way, You Deserve Better, My Story, Right Back, Marry The Pussy, Legs Shakin, and a few more I like but we all can agree to disagree on his album it has the raunchy lyrics of 12 Play, and a few other albums. His last two albuns which were classic stepping albums and love albums Love Letter and Write Me Back were classics. Now some people hated those albums because they say they were not the freaky R. Kelly well now you get that on Black Panties and its still not good enough. I like them all now my name and picture shows my love for his music but to me he has always lived up to his music. Everything is not gonna be like his old music he is always evolving as most artist do and he still is the King Of R&B and can write a classic album and hit. I like Black panties only songs I think that suck is Cookie and Show Ya Pussy but beside those two songs I like the album. But that’s just me you know we all have different likes in music. But I respect your opinion as I do everyone else.


  5. TakeItThere

    couldntve said it betta than D. Kells. what if Kelly was a one trick pony & did the same thing he did from the 1st album. he would’ve been disappeared 15 years ago. NO OTHER ARTIST in the music industry has had more influence or even nearly as versatile as Kelly. now every artist wants to move genre to genre or do collaboration albums. part of why his name hasn’t been out there is because he’s getting older & the stations & execs wanna push him into the adult contemporary crowd. but THIS type of music he’s doing is saying he doesn’t wanna be boxed into just that 1 particular segment. yes the scandal in ’02 definitely hurt him but he has NEVER went anywhere since then. been following his career since the beginning & he has never stopped, just evolved with the times. I think only Mary J. Blige is still around since the top of the 90′s but even she isn’t on his level. & yes, he’s still the most underrated superstar of music. the man just doesn’t get his due. I guess when he passes ppl will understand exactly what he has done in that span because you don’t see it in its entirety right now as a “casual” fan or the one that doesn’t care for him at all.


    D. kells Reply:

    @TakeItThere, Thank you and I respect what you said as well and everything you said was very true and very well said.


  6. Ashy



  7. blasterUp

    Hear that? the King of R&B gave you a compliment Justin Bieber. Don’t fuck with that, make some more dope R&B tracks like u been doing and you will get more respect in R&B.


  8. blasterUp

    The King of R&B gave Justin Bieber a compliment, let’s hope he is listening and keeps on making more dope R&B tracks like he has the past 10 weeks. Then he will have earned the respect for making his move to R&B. R&B needs a shake up.


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