Video: Bridget Kelly – ‘Coca1n3 Heartbreak’ [Teaser]

Bridget Kelly

On the eve of her EP release, Bridget Kelly previews a new song called “Coca1n3 Heartbreak.” In the video teaser, the Roc Nation singer fogs up the windows as she sings about an intoxicating love that she just can’t shake. A mysterious man (Luke James?) is seen in the shadows.

“Love’s got me losing my mind, and I’m addicted to his love affair,” sings Bridget in the black-and-white clip.

Cut to…Bridget Kelly will be available to stream on Spotify tomorrow with a free download available a week later on

Get hooked on Bridget’s sensual song.

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  1. poe

    i cant wait for the EP!


  2. Zave

    im checkin for this! her Every Girl EP was IT!!


  3. Prince Naseem

    I was waiting for my girl to come thru


  4. Music Nerd

    Looking forward to EP


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