Day26 Reunites for Tour


Danity Kane aren’t the only ones getting back together. Four years since their last album, “Making the Band 4″ alums Day26 are reuniting for a new tour.

According to TMZ, all five members of the R&B group—Robert Curry, Brian Andrews, Willie Taylor, Qwanell Mosley, and Michael McCluney—are on board and will hit the road for a 30-city tour starting in the spring of 2014.

“WEEERE BAAAAACK!!!!!!! #Day26,” tweeted the band.

Diddy discovered Day26 on MTV’s “Making the Band 4″ in 2007. They went on to release two albums including their 2008 debut, which entered the charts at No. 1. In 2009, Qwanell “Que” Mosley was kicked out of the group because of disagreements with management.

Following their breakup in 2012, there were rumors of a reunion, but it didn’t become a reality until Que came on board.

Diddy will not be involved this time around, but he has reportedly given the group his blessing.

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  1. Redchainsaw



    @iDontDoRatchets Reply:

    @Redchainsaw, LMFAOOOO #weak… More like “We’re BROKE!!!!” So we taking a pity tour


  2. Deejay



  3. Tami Roman Beer Bottle Hidden Under Shaunnie Sofa

    I loved them back in the day but a reunion tour for what? Who is going to show up? The girls who went crazy for them are now grown women who can careless. Would not mind hearing new music from them but there going to have to really bring it something new and fresh and not just that left over Jodeci tracks they were giving there first run.


  4. Satisfied

    I respect them & DK for doing these reuinions. Showing Diddy that not ALL shady divas prevail!


  5. FEEZ

    Danity Kane had 2 platinum albums these guys had 2 album flops. This is the dumbest idea ever


  6. Sushi



  7. arno

    they broke thats why…psshhh y’all take a sit!


  8. Creative Minds

    its obviously because they dont have money lmao. None of there albums went Platinum nor Gold


  9. Girl Bye

    money must be tight… :/


  10. CurtisDonDeano

    Que should have went solo, I felt he had a chance alone.


  11. Malcom Y



  12. Speechless

    for what? no one cared when they broke up. I just like que.


  13. R&B fan

    I don’t understand why people just make a positive comment on good R&B music. These boys can all sing and to come back together because fans wanted to see it happen isnt’ a bad thing, its a good one especially to see all 5 together again. Reunion tours happen all the time. The end of the day they do have true fans out here that want to see them together.


  14. wantedniggas

    where are the cute guys frfr all yall niggas ugly


  15. A.D

    Day26 is an amazing group they didn’t get the shine they should have because the are great. been a fan from day 1 and never stopped. I love every last member mike more than most


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