New Music: U.G.L.Y. – ‘DMT’ [EP]


With Sevyn Streeter out the gate, Chris Brown introduces CBE’s next act, U.G.L.Y. (Under Greatness Lies You). The electro-bass trio, made up of Mijo, Braxton Olita, and female singer Stormi Henley, steps into the spotlight with their genre-bending debut EP DMT.

The six tracks, produced and written by the trio themselves, combine elements of R&B, reggae, punk, and electronic music. They nod to ’90s alternative on “Light One Up” and mix R&B with gritty bass on “FairyTale.”

“Think of it as a festival experience. You’re going to hear the best of each genre in one place,” says Braxton, while Mijo adds, “We wanted to start a movement or culture for creativity and positivity. The idea is that you can do anything you want. Be as epic and as fly as you want to be.”

Stream U.G.L.Y.’s debut below.

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  1. CBE

    CBE Baby! Joelle James and Sabrina next…damn chris has work to do…obviously he has his own album as well.

    Nice Ep.


  2. Tamara

    Are they pop/rock or Alternative? first time Im hearing of them.


    CBE Reply:


    They are Alternative I guess…watch out for Stormi Henley! sexy bishhh with talent of course:)


    Maria Reply:

    @Tamara, They’re sort of like alternative R&B with a bit of pop, but not too much to sound generic… Very unique sound, and definitely not what you hear on the radio today. I’d actually be glad to hear something like this on the radio – breath of fresh air. Enjoyable. Also, you probably haven’t heard of them because this is their first major release of an EP. The only previous material they ever released was a track + music video for REDD, which is also on the EP.


  3. wonderland19

    U.G.L.Y are actually good. This is alot better than i expected. Massive potential. I hope there visuals are alot better tho. The ‘Redd’ video was poor.


  4. nwhat

    change the name pls. you’ve got to be kidding me


  5. swaso

    To be honest i don’t feel the vocals but i’m in love with the production.


  6. bria



    Maria Reply:

    @bria, I don’t remember Teyana being in the group at all. Ethan was, but he left about a year or so ago.


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