Video: R. Kelly – ‘Cookie’

R. Kelly

With his album Black Panties available today, R. Kelly feeds his sexual appetite in the tasty video for “Cookie.” The self-proclaimed Cookie Monster throws a wild party in his mansion and fills it with lingerie-clad ladies, who work the pole in their black panties and pose as sexy French maids.

“I’m bringing the milk,” said Kellz. “I got all kinds of cookies up in here. They’re round, they’re square, triangle, some of them are heart shaped.”

He dips his Oreos into a bathtub full of milk and smokes a cigar as women cater to his every need.

Take a bite out of Kellz’ sweet treat.

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  1. 2bad2bme

    R. Kelly BYE!


  2. truth

    king of R&B!


  3. Chris Brown

    What is this crap? SMH…


  4. Ice



  5. D. kells

    King Of R&B! Still think he should have done a video for Genius. I don’t care for this song but I still rep this CD is good.


    Chris Brown Reply:

    @D. kells, He ain’t the King. We have 2013 wake up


    D. kells Reply:

    @Chris Brown, your entitled to your opinion.


  6. nwhat

    more like king of PerB


  7. dodo

    This old guy is real desperate for a comeback.



  8. bibi93



  9. Brandy

    u look so sexy


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