Exclusive: R. Kelly Announces Christmas Album

R. Kelly’s Black Panties may not be an appropriate stocking stuffer for everyone on your Christmas list, but next year, he plans to give a gift that the whole family can enjoy. The R&B icon is working on his first Christmas album, and he gave Rap-Up TV the exclusive details.

“I’m working on a Christmas album right now called the 12 Nights of Christmas and it’s gonna be a lot of lovemaking,” said Kellz. “I come with that bearing gifts.”

He started recording the album last year, but doesn’t plan to release it until 2014. “I started it last Christmas actually, but I don’t believe in just putting out a Christmas album just to sell records. It has to be the next ['This Christmas']. In order to get that and capture that moment, you have to take a couple of Christmases and then you come with it.”

In the meantime, he has contributed a new holiday song called “Christmas I’ll Be Steppin’” to The Best Man Holiday soundtrack.

He also revealed that he has seven or eight albums worth of material waiting to be released including the follow-up to Black Panties. “My next album is halfway written already,” revealed Kellz. “It’s gonna be another 12 Play album. It’s gonna be that type of album because there’s been a lovemaking album drought…and I’ve come to save the day.”

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  1. D. kells

    I know this will be a stepping christmas album and kells is very capable of making some feel good music to make you sing a long and dance along with family just from his happy people album and I’m waiting to here this christmas album next year.


  2. Chris Brown



  3. D. kells

    If it is one thing Kells can do is make a good stepping album and a good album where a family can get together and step to just like the Happy People album. So as a fan I will be looking forward to the Christmas album and also another Kells album like 12 play again I can always go for. Keep making music for the love not the money and Kells has always done that. He has nothing more to prove in music he has sold platinum records, wrote for bigger names and legends in the music game and not just songs but hit songs and has won so many awards his music legacy has already been laid in the R&B game years ago. So much respect you have made so many hits i can listen to. King Of R&B


    Chris Brown Reply:

    @D. kells, King of Nothing


    D. kells Reply:

    @Chris Brown, you have the right to your opinion.


  4. #KING

    Keep them hits coming..


  5. Yep

    R Kelly ought to remake a cut titled “If Love” by Charles Burns. I heard it on internet radio. Great song needs Kells’ vocal skill.


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    Rap-Up.com || Exclusive: R. Kelly Announces Christmas Album

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