Mack Wilds Performs ‘Own It’ on ‘Arsenio’

Arsenio and Mack Wilds

Fresh off his first Grammy nomination, Mack Wilds performed his single “Own It” on “Arsenio.” The actor-turned-rapper was in Virginia when he heard that he was nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

“[The label] sent a picture and I damn near wrecked the hotel room,” he said.

He plans to take his father and grandfather to the ceremony in January.

After starring in the “Roc Boys” video, he and Jay Z developed a tight bond. “He’s always kinda kept me under the wing like a nephew,” said Mack, who shared Jay’s advice. “Never ask for no handouts. Prove what you can do and then the people who can give you handouts will be more willing to.”

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  1. Nina

    #noshade but he doesn’t sound good at all. Still wondering how he got a Grammy nomination.


  2. poe

    the album is great actually.


  3. TristanFan

    i love this boy, his album is amazing!


  4. erica

    I’m in love with his vocal ability and confidence. This young King is extremely sexy!!!!! I pray he wins the Grammy :)


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