Wiz Khalifa Stars as Elf in Tom Hanks’ Christmas Card

Wiz Khalifa and Tom Hanks

Wiz Khalifa returned to “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” but this time as an elf. The rapper, who was nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration (“Remember You”) at the Grammys, joined Tom Hanks while creating an instant Christmas card.

The actor invited an audience member on stage for the photo and introduced Wiz as his elf. Wiz begrudgingly played the role as he pouted and smiled on cue while Kimmel snapped their photo.

“Prolly the most famous guy I’ve ever met,” said Wiz of the Oscar winner.

Check out the hilarious skit below.

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  1. rich

    Get that money wiz.



    This is degrading somewhat, in my opinion, idk…


  3. Tesla Fan

    how is that ugly weird wiz thing famous again like what the fuq


    Will Reply:

    @Tesla Fan, Because he’s awesome! Not the best rapper but has good songs and is actually a nice guy unlike some of the assholes in this industry


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