New Music: Nina Sky – ‘Overtime’


Nina Sky has kept a low profile following the release of their 2012 album Nicole & Natalie. But the Albino sisters are back and putting in “Overtime.” They switch up their sound on the slinky and seductive number, produced by Slimmy Neutron.

Dim the lights and push play on the electro-R&B jam.

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  1. poe

    feelin it!


  2. Ice

    I like this sound for them.


  3. RP

    LOVE IT, LADIES! Can’t wait to hear more!


  4. Brian



  5. TristanFan

    i like it, but wrong timing, beyonce released her shit now..nobody will check this out. HELLA WRONG TIMING!


  6. valerie

    love this! :)


  7. FormerlyFromTokyo

    Reminds me of Dawn Richard’s solo work, which is why I like the sound.


  8. lolo

    YASSS! love this sound, wish I could hear more music like this honestly it’s beautiful.


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