R. Kelly Performs ‘You Deserve Better’ on ‘The View’

R. Kelly

R. Kelly had the ladies swooning when he brought Black Panties to “The View” on Wednesday. Clad in all black and gold chains, the R&B icon sexed up the stage with “You Deserve Better” off his album, while the mostly-female audience clapped along.

According to HITS Daily Double, Black Panties is on track to sell 90-100,000 copies in its first week.

The Terry Richardson-directed video for “Do What U Want,” his collaboration with Lady Gaga, is expected to premiere as soon as this week. “DWUW video is ALMOST READY,” tweeted Gaga.

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  1. Bx

    He’s better than this…..he really doesn’t need to stoop to the industry standards. I won’t buy this record.


  2. Kenyon Green

    The albums is great!


  3. D. kells

    One of my favorite songs on this album and this album is good. Kells is the King Of R&B keep making music Chi-Town.


  4. Jrizzel88

    He can sing “old school” Kells music again but should keep the look he had on Love Letter & Write Me Back. He’s too old to be dressed like 2Chainz…on The View wtf lol


  5. Nikki

    That damn audience is clapping all off beat, it’s annoying. Love the song, just wish he wouldn’t use auto tune. The cd is good, just too much auto tune. My favorite line “you ain’t gotta work, I’ll make shopping your career” Sounds good to me, Kellz.


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