Danity Kane Performs Live on ‘KTLA Morning News’

Danity Kane

Danity Kane returned to television for their first performance in years on Friday. Dawn, Aubrey, Shannon, and Aundrea made an early morning visit to L.A. station KTLA while promoting their comeback. After a quick interview, they performed a live acoustic version of “Poetry” off their 2008 album Welcome to the Dollhouse.

“We really wanted to come back and unite and correct the wrongs in the past and really redefine ourselves and not allow anyone to put an ending on something that we felt was legendary,” said Aubrey of their decision to get back together.

They have been in the studio working on a new album, which will incorporate acoustic elements. “I think before a lot of it was done for us, and now it’s ours,” said Aundrea, while Dawn added, “This time around, we’re gonna let our genres shine.”

On Monday, they will perform their first show in five years before a sold-out crowd at L.A.’s House of Blues.

Drop what you’re doing and watch DK’s live performance below.

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  1. Zave

    Slayed. They are back


  2. wonderland19

    Love DK too bits however they were missing an lower register on that song. Also, they need more rehearsal. The only one who was on point was Dawn. The vocals didn’t blend nicely together as i was hopping. Maybe i was expecting too much.

    Looking forward to there performance on monday.


  3. Samuel Balduino

    Elas estavam incriveis , eu as acompanho desde 2005 e continuam o mesmo sucesso incrivel cantoras


  4. BG

    Yesssssss loved it


  5. 123

    Aubrey needs to stay background. That was painful. Dawn saved it. She sounds great. I agree, they need some more rehearsals.


  6. Elvick

    I miss D. Woods.

    It’s no wonder they’re trying to distance themselves from the urban sound, since she was the most urban out of all of ‘em.

    Oh well. I want them to do a song where D. Woods was a large part, and see what they do to fill her parts.


  7. Musiclover21

    I love Aubrey but she’s off pitch. I’m glad there back though but they need D.woods.


  8. Mouse Trap

    Where is D Woods??


  9. samu

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  10. Suzie

    So glad they are back. Was this there best performance? No. But it’s a start.

    While I was initially OK with D.Woods not being there (I even dreamt this happened a few years ago…Long story…) I agree with the above comments that stated they are missing a lower register. Dawn is a great tenor, but since she often sings lead — someone either needs to learn to sing those parts — or they need to recruit another singer who can carry the lower pieces… or rework the leads…

    Otherwise – great job ladies! :)


  11. TristanFan

    it was kind of wack.. why didn’t audrea and shannon sing??? WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFF


  12. Stephanie

    I’m really glad DK is back but that wasn’t the best. Good luck ladies!


  13. DK BABY

    They have all the elements Dawn said but hip hop & Rnb which clearly was D.Woods.That’s why I feel they could’ve easily replaced her.Do you know how many females in Atlanta that look and sound like D.Woods? Come on!


    Road Runner Reply:

    @DK BABY, The harmony will never be the same. D. Woods voice ranged from alto to soprano. Its hard to fine a singer with that wide of a range.

    Good luck


  14. @KingCoward

    ROTFL at the people saying they need D. Woods…she wasn’t all that strong vocally, IMO. She had the weakest voice IMO.

    Aubrey sounded off…but the other girls were great. They should have chose another song though. Clearly Aubrey was nervous to go first.


  15. Layla

    Of course it sounded a bit off because they were singing a song that initially had a 5 part harmony! I’m sure the new music will be fine.


  16. Road Runner

    They are missing the fifth voice that made the DK sound. D. Woods voice was so dominate to the Danity Kane sound. Its not the same.

    Good luck


    Tox Reply:

    @Road Runner, Hi D.Woods. lol

    As Layla said their new music with four of them will be fine, it’s only the new music that will determine if they are successful again, not their past songs.


  17. MuzikManiack

    I love me some Danity Kane, but this was not it. Dawn killed as usual, but her part couldn’t even save this performance!


  18. Ready 4 yolas

    Nice performance


  19. antoinette

    Aubrey was off!!


  20. Dennis

    Aubrey trying to incorporate sex in her voice again. WTF. Dawn and Aundrea killed it, Aundrea lead the chorus, but Dawn didn’t need to do the harmonizing in the chorus, she should have just sang with them would have sounded better. Now i know why Aundrea and D Woods or Aundrea and Dawn lead the chorus, their blending is perfection. Shannon should have done the harmonizing Dawn did, her sweet voice is perfect for those.


  21. Road Runner

    I agree.100%


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