Wale Guests in ‘SNL’ H&M Skit


Wale made a surprise appearance on last night’s “Saturday Night Live,” lending his fashion and flow to a parody of H&M. While “SNL” cast member Jay Pharoah rapped about the retailer’s low prices, colorful clothing, and small sizes in the mock music video, the MMG rapper popped up to deliver a guest verse.

“Never get in girls’ pants wearing girls’ denim,” rapped Wale, clad in H&M’s winter collection.

Rick Ross showed his support for his MMG signee, tweeting, “Salute my lil bro @Wale just shut down #Snl.”

Watch him bring the laughs with his cameo.

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  1. Great Zuse

    This was embarrassing. Using the word ninja in place of nigga was just stupid. If its going to be offensive at least make it funny.


  2. 2bad2bme

    wale wack for the breakdown over the phone…don’t rep DC n*gga you from PG


  3. Bx

    lol, not everything in H&M is cheap actually, but their clothing can be. Them and American Apparel have some of the most plastic looking clothing I have ever seen. I only buy their hats and maybe a jacket, but those horrible plaid shirts and pencil thin jeans, I would rather go to Levi outlet.


  4. poe

    lol they foolish for this!


  5. Craig

    I work at H&M this is HILARIOUS !!!!!


  6. Kristin I

    I work at hm it was funny, rude, and embarrassing at the same time. HM sells things that cost anywhere from 1 dollar to 600 dollars it’s aLl based on the demographic. If people would pick up what they knocked over the “shopping a** ninjas wouldn’t have to shop off the floor. But on the upside every new customer I helped said they came in because they saw us on SNL. :) what what!!!


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