Kelly Rowland Confirms Engagement, Shows Off Diamond Ring

Kelly Rowland

Wedding bells are in the future for Kelly Rowland. The “Motivation” singer has put the rumors to rest and confirmed that she is indeed engaged.

After remaining coy on “Arsenio” last week, she made the announcement during her appearance on Monday’s episode of “The Queen Latifah Show” (via E! Online).

The lucky man is her manager and best friend Tim Witherspoon.

“He put a ring on it,” said a beaming Kelly while showing off the diamond engagement ring that she’s been wearing in public.

The Destiny’s Child diva, 32, kept her relationship private for years. “It’s been a while,” she told Queen Latifah. “We’ve kept it very, very low—for years, to be completely honest.”

She was in Bulgaria when he popped the question on Skype. “He asked me first on Skype and I was like, ‘We’re so far away from each other,’” laughed Kelly.

“But it was so late, I remember we were both just kinda like, honestly, just staring at each other. And he asked me, and it was just that simple to say yes. I was like, ‘I got my best friend to ride through life with.’ He really is my best friend.”

Congrats to the happy couple!

Kelly Rowland and Tim Witherspoon

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  1. amina2727

    AWWW congrats to them! Kelly seems really happy


    rihanna25 Reply:

    @amina2727, Do you really believe this? She was just caught wining and dining with Simon cowell. Since that happened, and it is revealed that Simon is living with his baby mama, all of a sudden this jerk is claiming to be engaged. Her and Simon are not fooling his baby mama, and they sure aren’t fooling me. She is such a phony nastee b8tch.


  2. 2bad2bme

    yesss kelly i hope he is good to you all the way i love you girl!


  3. beyonce

    Aww im so happy for you kelly.. Are Mat going to walk you down??


  4. Melove

    Yessss kelly I cant wait to see wedding pic.. Wish you all the best


    marisa Reply:

    @Melove, This girl is stupid and cant even tell a good lie. Who forgets where they became engaged, and who gets engaged on skype, and who says yes to a man who is NOT her boyfriend. If you believe this one, you are dumb.

    First she wanted to be Beyonce, and now she tries hard to do everything Ciara does. And if she was born beautiful without all that plastic surgery, you could call her beautiful, but she is NOT! Simon girlfriend is going to kick her off the xfactor.


    kay Reply:

    @marisa, The whole thing about lieing is that when you tell one lie, it leads to another and another, and snowballs until you cant remember the last one you told, and you end up looking like a ridiculous idiot.

    sandrarose reported that she was off guard and claimed that only 2 people would attend the wedding, and that if she invited guests they’d only come because they’re nosy. That must be the stupidest statement ever made.


  5. Ninna25

    I an crying happy.. Congras kelly


    mary Reply:

    @Ninna25, Girrl you better dry your tears of happiness because no wedding will ever go down. I heard she paid him to tell that lie, and bought that ring herself. You have never seen them socializing or walking a red carpet.


  6. Ninna25



  7. Ninna25

    Im so happy


  8. NASIR

    Congrats Kelly!


  9. Great Zuse

    Its weird because she strikes me as a person into great looks. Not saying he’s ugly at all, he’s actually quite cute, but I wouldn’t pair them together as much as I would say someone like Michael Ealy or an older trey songz type.


  10. Sushi

    Ooooh… Beyonce better give her an Oprah gift, now that we know Kel’s engaged, and Beyonce getting millions :3


  11. kate

    congrats my love


  12. WilliamMMimms

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  13. Ashgino

    Her personal trainer (latifah’s ex) looks a little salty in that pic where Kelly’s is wrapped around her mans arm


  14. JD

    That’s cute. Congrats Kelly. I genuinely always thought he was her brother when I saw the photos. She can do better but if he’s good to her then fair play.


  15. loaded

    Awwwww….. Tim got her 1st. *sigh* I’m happy for Kelly though and to be frank I think the Man is good for her. We aint seeking a picture perfect couple, we want a happy couple and a lasting marriage.


  16. Myrl22



  17. GoHardOrGoHome

    Awwwww I am so happy for Kelly, congrats to them both!! She deserves all the happiness in the world :)


  18. Alice Washington

    Congrads!!! Kelly I wish you the best enjoy your life together.


  19. nicole maske

    congrats kelly


  20. RihNAJ



  21. joy

    I really think she has a self hating mental problem. She tries hard to be anyone but herself.


    IV. Reply:

    @joy, who is she trying to be like?


  22. joy

    She wears rihanna hair, repeats everything rihanna says, when people compliment rihanna on a nice waist she starts talking about her waist, she copies all of rihanna outfits, she begged someone to pretend to be engaged to her after rihanna announced a real engagement, and on r kelly solo with her, she is trying so hard to sound just like rihanna.

    she needs to be herself, and stop trying to imitate those better than her, and just be the best person she can be.


  23. lilly

    congratulation girl


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