Danity Kane Debuts ‘All in a Day’s Work’ at L.A. Show

Danity Kane made a triumphant return to the stage during their first show in five years at the House of Blues in L.A. on Monday night. Now a foursome, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres, showed that they haven’t missed a beat, running through their biggest hits and fan favorites including “Show Stopper,” “Want It,” and “Poetry” before a sold-out crowd.

The former “Making the Band 4″ stars performed an acoustic cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” and showcased their individual talents (Aubrey sang Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” while Dawn covered Prince’s “I Would Die 4 U”).

They also debuted a new song called “All in a Day’s Work” off their upcoming album.

“This song is called ‘All in a Day’s Work’ and it’s about bitches that make it look easy,” said Aubrey before they worked up a sweat to the ladies’ anthem.

The group capped off the evening with their 2008 hit “Damaged,” leaving their fans begging for more.

Check out highlights from DK’s big comeback below.

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  1. Slayonce

    I’m really, really, really rooting for these ladies. But, I must say…I’m disappointed.


    wonderland19 Reply:

    @Slayonce, Same :( I am the BIGGEST DK fan and i was flipping out when they got back together. This was a major fail for me.

    Why are they lip-Syncing? Where is the hard choreography? Why are they dressed like the Pussy Cat Dolls? Why does Audera seem not to be 100% with it? Like the fire for performing has gone out of her?

    Because its there second go at this, i would have thought they would be more together and would have ironed out there mistakes from last time.
    Maybe as a fan, i’m expecting too much but i think after 6 years there would be better than there are. Hopfuly, they re-watch this performance and come together more. They need better direction and a proper vision for Danity Kane.


    Champ J Reply:

    @Slayonce, in there defense. I WAS THERE and both of these songs were they very last songs of the night. They gave it their ALL…no lie. Also, everyone lip syncs. When you put on a hour or longer performance, you pre-record live vocals and sing live on slower songs.


    Y'all know Reply:


    I was also there at the performance. I was completely amazed and blown away. And this was towards the end of the concert. I would be tired but the manage to keep that energy up. Considering it was new material, WHO CARES IF IT WAS LIP SYNCED. I would like to to see you do a full performance in an hour and look this good doing it.


    Speechless Reply:

    @Slayonce, disappointed by what? everyone on twitter was living for this. but hey youre a bey stan. you think anything other than her is disappointing.


  2. BKzRevenge

    I need this on iTunes!!!!


  3. philly11

    SLLAYEDDDDDDDD!! Fuckin Slayeddddddd!!


  4. philly11

    Oh and they look better as a foursome…imo!


  5. philly11



  6. meme

    this song is sooooo dope. Its a new sound. They looked hot AF. Aubrey took a full 180 turn…she looks so good


  7. 2bad2bme

    Andrea needs Diddy again…she lost it


  8. Raven-Symone

    Who are they signed to now?


  9. Zave

    Yo, they did kill it man. That new song did it for me


  10. Jackie Rayne

    They still got it! DK is coming full throttle! I really missed this girl group, I wish them nothing but luck. I’m fanning for them.


  11. Melanie

    Doing it for the girls! Love these ladies and can’t wait to see more of them


  12. Mykee

    DK DID THAT!!! They need to put this on iTunes already! That song was definitley Danity Kane and they have NOT lost their touch! Cannot wait to hear more! And Dawn looked good with that long hair! Yassssss! Lol


  13. XO

    Great. Love these ladies. Go DK!


  14. BreakingBadFan

    WOW, I’d love to see that DAMAGED performance in HQ! It looked dope. And WOW @ dawn being half naked!!! LOL


  15. C

    yessss! that new song is sooo dope…..they killed it!


  16. chantal

    there is no Chemistry between Aubrey and aundrea


  17. JFB



    EveRyder Reply:

    @JFB, there are girl groups tho. Simon cowell’s group from x-factor called 5th harmony,little mix from x-factor uk,and TLC is backkkkkkk.


  18. Deejay

    Dawn is a bad bad bad bad bitch


  19. DRB

    I’m so annoyed you all couldn’t find a better standing space to we could see all 4 girls


  20. EveRyder

    I have to be honest I didn’t think it would be a good look for them coming back without my girl D.woods,but these bitches slayyyyyyed the fuck out that stage. I have to say Aundrea can sang,but she needs more work on her moves. Now I wasn’t really feeling. Dawn in the early days,but she made me a fan when she did her solo thing. She is a bad bitch……..I always liked Aubery,but her and Dawn betta watchout for Shannon bcuz she will come up and still their thunder. Shannon was killing it. I am happy they r officially back. I need all in a days work in my life like….right now!!


  21. Michelle

    That bitch Dawn Richard is a muthafuckin problem!!!!!


  22. JayOday

    These girls BROUGHT IT last night, people can say what they want about them but for being apart for 6 years they slayed! All the girls have great chemistry, videos don’t always capture it but you see it in between songs how much they truly do connect! DK IS BACK!


  23. Tauruskidd143

    YESSSS!! DK is back! Dawn was giving me so much life with her styling,hair,makeup..esp the makeup! (as that was a big problem for her in DK in the past..had her mug lookin a tad rough back then)As far as the lip-sync I think its a good look when showcasing new material so you can hear what the track actually sounds like when you buy it vs live singing.. I think it was the right move.. DK 2014!!


  24. Bijan

    Considering they aren’t signed and don’t have all the perks of a contract I’d say they DID AMAZING


  25. Wow

    I Guess nobody is going to comment on how Dawn killed D Woods part lol


    @KingCoward Reply:

    @Wow, I know right! I loved her adlibs…lol.


  26. @KingCoward

    OMG!!!!!!! Dawn killed D. Woods part…so effortlessly…rotfl!


  27. Trent

    I Fuckin loved it and can’t wait to get that new song


  28. MuzikManiack

    Ok they made me excited again. Baby they killed it, the dance and vocals were on point. And that new song I need that in my life ASAP!


  29. Sean

    The girls killed it!!! And as a come back performance with this new sexy, more mature look it made them stand out!! Their promoting themseleves very well!! Aundrea could’ve done a tad better but she did pretty well. I love Aundrea for coming back in to DK because i know she has so much talent and potential!!. Dawn and Aubrey BUTCHERED it


  30. Music Lover21

    I don’t see Danity Kane! All I see is Dawn and Aubrey!!


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