Lauryn Hill Performs ‘Ex-Factor’ at First Post-Prison Show

Lauryn Hill

Ms. Lauryn Hill returned to the stage during her first post-prison show at New York’s Bowery Ballroom last month. The Grammy-winning singer put a reggae twist on her 1998 single “Ex-Factor” on the first stop of her “Homecoming Concert Series.”

The tour continues tonight in Boston with upcoming shows in Red Bank, NJ (12/22), Huntington, NY (12/26), and Port Chester, NY (12/28).

Lauryn has launched a joint label with Sony ATV, Obverse Creation Music, and is readying a new body of work, Letters From Exile.

Watch her powerful performance below.

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  1. SupaCi

    I just can’t understand what happened to her voice? It’s not like she exactly lost it (in regards to tone) but it’s like she just can’t control it anymore. More specifically her vibrato. It’s shaking so fast! But she definitely did lose her range.

    And I’m a huge fan of her, but God has a way of humbling you and your gift.


  2. Amazing

    This is a musician right here! This is amazing. She still has the voice and this amazing song with its powerful lyrics. >> I’m here for it.


  3. vvvvvvvvv

    wow!!! i am a fan of all this new music but FUCK lil wayne, nicki minaj tyga and others! this right here is a pure ART and MUSIC! she is AMAZING! why all these artists do not want to put some message in their tracks rapping and singing bout pussybitchesclubs! i just dream about 2014 change smthn


  4. EL

    I am floored. That was the power of music in one performance.

    And that’s why after 15 years, this REMAINS my all-time favorite song.

    I’d say, let’s not count Lauryn out just yet.


  5. Deejay

    She’s one of the most genuine artists and performers ever.
    No staging, no gimmicks, no leotards, just raw performance. And the mistakes make it that much better.


  6. Darrius

    This ish is a mess.

    Sing the song normal..stop trying to remix it.
    this is hor-ree-blay!


  7. Island/Republic Records

    This was really weird. I’m a huge fan & I wanted this to be great so badly. Parts of it were. The arrangements were incredible but she sounded off. She has lost all the beautiful tone & range that she brought to that incredible song. I don’t know what the hell she was doing all that stuff with her hands. It just made it all look under-rehearsed.


  8. nicko

    Niggas talkin about THE QUEEN NICKI MINAJ when this post isnt even about her ;) bow down hoes *sips Myx*


  9. oooh

    I love this version of the song she is still good and her voices seems to be a lil more better – yes she has lost her voice but God can make it come back. At the end of the day the performance is very good and she s still and forever the Queen.


  10. Prince Minaj

    Idk I wanted to love it so bad I couldn’t get to the 3 min mark she may just need practice and vocal rat to get the vibrato under control and her range back it’s all right there so we’ll see


  11. T

    I have loved Lauryn Hill and her Music since Fugee La and I continue to love her and her artistic ways to this very day! She’s an innovator, and anyone in the music industry will tell you the same. Anyone in the music industry will name her the top 5 emcees of ALL time. I’m looking forward to her next body of work. I don’t need to hear any singles on the radio to KNOW I am going to BUY it!
    Fact is Lauryn Hill could do an entire album with NO features, but have singing and rapping, just ask those who own “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”…


  12. Jackie Rayne

    I still love myself some Ms. Hill..can we get another album like the Miseducation pleaseeee??


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