Rap-Up TV: R. Kelly Praises Chris Brown, Considers Jay Z Reunion

R. Kelly returns to the charts with his 15th top 10 album Black Panties, which debuted at No. 4 this week. In the final part of his interview with Rap-Up TV, the R&B veteran speaks out about some of his famous collaborators and peers including fellow Chicago native Kanye West.

“A lot of people didn’t believe in Kanye, a lot of people didn’t believe in me. He’s a genius in his own right and he’s on top now,” said Kellz, who worked with Yeezus on Cruel Summer‘s “To the World.” “That’s why I know if we got together again on one of these days in that studio, some magic is gonna happen again.”

While he and Jay Z had a fallout after their Best of Both Worlds albums, he is not ruling out another collaboration. “In this business, man, you just never know,” he said. “It happened once, it happened again. You just never know.”

One thing that is certain are more “Trapped in the Closet” episodes. “I got 50-something chapters in the studio just waiting to be shot and then there’s more to come. It’s just one of those forever things, man.”

A “Trapped in the Closet” movie is already being written along with a Broadway show and a book.

When it comes to today’s stars, Kellz has a lot of respect for Chris Brown. “I don’t look at Chris Brown as an R&B guy. He’s a superstar, hands down. It doesn’t matter. He’s music. I don’t put him in a category ’cause he’s got that Michael Jackson thing on him.”

So what does he find himself listening to when he’s riding in the car? “I will listen to Jay Z, I listen to Trey Songz, I listen to Dream, I listen to Ciara, Rihanna, Destiny’s Child, and some BeyoncĂ© stuff.”

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  1. joyce

    I wish he had put Ciara on his CD instead of that beyonce bootty lickker kelly.


  2. Trey

    Nice Rob. And LOL Joyce


  3. ashgino

    he forgot to mention Asliyah


  4. D. kells

    R. Kelly a veteran who gives respect to other artist in his genre of R&B now that is a true legend in R&B and will always be the King Of R&B. Someone who can show love to the new artist and also sit and shout them out that shows a lot of love for his fellow peers in the R&B game. Kells keep making those hit albums and keep making music no matter what anyone says and you will always have a fan in me for the music. Whats R&B without the R.


    Miley Cyrus Reply:

    @D. kells, Usher is the king and thats why R Kelly doesn’t praise him anymore.


    D. kells Reply:

    @Miley Cyrus, Usher is the prince and he has a long way to go to become the king of R&B and your talking to a huge R. Kelly fan and R&B fan and someone who also loves Usher music but he is not the King he is the prince and also R. Kelly has mentioned Usher in many interviews about his music and in case you forgot they have made music together.


    Nikki Reply:

    @Miley Cyrus, Usher ain’t the king of shit, damn sure not R&B, he went pop a long time ago, and ain’t no way he’s ever taking MJ’s title. Why do you feel like Usher needs R. Kelly to “praise him” anyway? Guess nobody is official until Kellz cosigns them.


    Rob Reply:

    @Miley Cyrus, Agreed!


  5. JD

    To mention a lesser man’s name in the same sentence as Michael Jackson’s is sacrilege.


  6. Nikki

    He didn’t say he was considering a reunion with Jay Z, he just said you never know, and why do they keep asking Kellz about working with Jay Z again? They tried it twice and it didn’t work, let it go. They haven’t worked together in a decade. Do they ever ask Jay Z all these questions about a reunion with Kellz? I’m tired of all these hip hop interviews always asking him about Jay Zero.


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