Rap-Up TV: Hip-Hop Stars React to Beyoncé’s Surprise Album

‘Yonce is on everyone’s lips following the surprise release of her record-setting album. Her fans have clearly spoken, sending the album straight to No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and downloading it over 1 million times on iTunes worldwide. But what do her peers think?

During Power 106′s Cali Christmas, we asked hip-hop’s biggest stars for their thoughts on Bey’s unprecedented move. Rick Ross called it “genius,” while B.o.B put it more bluntly: “Beyoncé just jizzed all over life.”

“She’s an icon. She’s in that position. Her music is that incredible. The entire plan was executed, no leaks,” said Rozay.

Plus, find out what Big Sean, ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Kid Ink, Sage the Gemini, DJ Mustard, and Ty Dolla $ign had to say about Bey’s big move.

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  1. KenBarbUK

    i dont know these people.


    meme Reply:

    @KenBarbUK, lmao. i only knew rick ross seriosuly. And BOB


    Music Reply:

    @meme, Cause you clowns listen to the radio. Nicki Minaj. lol.


    Will Reply:

    @Music, @KenBarbUK, Thank you! @KenBarbUK…anytime you comment it’s always a shit point of view. I’m from the UK and i’m embarrassed for you


  2. meme



  3. Ice

    I didn’t expect DJ Mustard to look like Jabba the Hut.


  4. Henan

    Where’s the hip hop star’s?


  5. Sushi

    *insertPatrick* WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE!??


  6. ashgino

    i like the last guys response, BOB, was exactly rite.
    but now sense beyonce has expressed her artistic freedoms, i want her to go back to making those really commercial songs and videos as the first album, like “naughty girls” “baby boy”..
    i was really expecting Beyonce to do some Michael Jackson ish budget movie videos. I think everyone still wants that calibur of creation from her, but she keeps undelivering.


    IV. Reply:

    @ashgino, girl shut up


  7. d3

    If all the hype is over no one will call this Album in her Top 3.


    truth Reply:



    Yundun Reply:

    @d3, exactly


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