Video: Tyga f/ Justin Bieber – ‘Wait for a Minute’

Justin Bieber and Tyga

Tyga stops time in the Matrix-inspired video for his single “Wait for a Minute” featuring Justin Bieber. The Last Kings rapper and pop heartthrob try to escape their daily lives and spend some alone time with their girlfriends. They make a run for it as screaming fans and paparazzi chase after them through a concrete maze.

The Maejor Ali-produced song was originally recorded for Bieber, but will now serve as the first single off Tyga’s upcoming album The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty.

“The prevailing theme of the song is fame, the overwhelming demand for Justin Bieber and Tyga’s time and attention,” director Krista Liney told Rolling Stone. “This concept explores being famous through the eyes of these artists. Everyone is after them, everyone wants time with them, everyone wants to bask in their spotlight. Every moment of their lives is scheduled, including taking a moment to breathe. They are chased, they are exposed . . . can everyone just wait for a minute?”

The special effects visuals were inspired by The Matrix. “We got some of the guys that do CGI for some of the big movies,” Tyga told MTV News. “We’re freezing time and switching different worlds trying to get away from certain things—the negative that comes with the lifestyle.”

Watch them put everything on hold and escape.

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  1. wonderland19

    You mean, Tyga ft Chris Brown.

    I think Justin should retire and experience life so that he can make his OWN lane. Right now, everything he does screams Chris Brown. From the vocals, to the production, to the lyrics, to the dancing, to even his art. I love urban Bieber but he needs to find his own lane. I suppose this is his transitioning moment that every artist goes through.


    iAm_F0rEiGn Reply:

    @wonderland19, Agree 100% he really sound like him and even dressing like him, But then again this song was everything and more (Must Applaud)
    As long as he putting up g00d music,I can Dig it


    Jackie Rayne Reply:

    @wonderland19, I third that vote! Oh what a tangled web we weave.


    BlasterUp Reply:

    @wonderland19, And who was Chris Brown compared to when he first started out : Usher. Chris Brown has even gone on record as citing Usher & MJ as a big influence, and he eventually carved out his own identity. So will Justin Bieber. The big difference is JB is switching genres from pop to R&B. Chris Brown didn’t start off as a pop star.


  2. meme

    when did he get all these tatooes? our young men really need to stop this


    Sushi Reply:

    @meme, Blame tumblr.. they bring the hormones out


  3. Manuela



  4. belieber

    really proud of him ❤️


  5. BlasterUp

    This is a great video, one of the best collaborations that Bieber did. Next month will be “Confident” ft. Chance. Now that is the video I want to see.


  6. A

    my baby, so proud of him


  7. bianca

    Love this song


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