Chance the Rapper Performs on ‘Arsenio’

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper’s star is on the rise. Following his collaboration with Justin Bieber, the 20-year-old Chicago MC made his late-night television debut on Thursday’s “Arsenio.” Sporting a Chicago White Sox varsity jacket, he lit up the stage with an energetic performance of “Chain Smoker” off his acclaimed mixtape Acid Rain.

During his interview with Arsenio, he spoke about opening for Eminem, the violence in his hometown, and starting a union for rappers.

“Rappers need dental, rappers need health,” he said. “There’s certain benefits that don’t come with being an artist and it’s mainly rappers. … If we could just start a union, I think it would definitely work for the best.”

Earlier this week, he shot a video for his Bieber collaboration “Confident.”

Watch rap’s rising star in action below.

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  1. Rasan8250

    Smart guy very refreshing.


  2. ELo7

    The varsity jackets are custom made “social experiment” jackets. Not white sox. Dope videos.


  3. blabla

    he’s so fake and overrated


    damien Reply:

    @blabla, I need you to shut the F UP FOREVER!


    marc Reply:

    he is fake and overrated. He doesn’t even use his real voice or accent. That was one of the worst live performances I have ever seen, and it was in a totally primo setting to sound good too, not some huge stadium with major acoustic problems. It was a truly awful performance, you could barely hear what he was saying and he finished maybe half the ends of his lines. Chance can write his ass off, but his stupid fake voice and his horrible live performances will stop him from reaching the top.


    tbear Reply:

    @marc, and blabla, STRAIGHT HATERS SMH


  4. rae

    @marc and @blabla
    1) He is on live TV & half of his verses have to end because he curses
    2) Have you watched any performances of his?
    AND his mixtape is Acid Rap, not Acid Rain for the article makers…


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