New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Dirty Gold’ [Album Sampler]

Dirty Gold

Angel Haze went to war with her label and won. After leaking her debut Dirty Gold online earlier this week, the Detroit-born rapper’s release date was moved up from March 4 to December 30.

For those that didn’t get a chance to hear the full album on SoundCloud before it was removed, she has posted a sampler of all 12 tracks.

“My labels didn’t think that I would do it, but I did. It’s hard to put at risk everything I’ve spent this year working on but I had to,” said Angel. “For both me and you guys. No one should ever be afforded the opportunity to fuck with your dreams. REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE.”

Preview one-minute snippets below.

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  1. FlowerPower

    Yeah.. this feels more like 2014 than 2013… it should’ve went out in 2014.. but who knows.. the date could be good


  2. Real 20

    I like her


  3. Natasha

    Nothing against her but she’s probably done. She’s not well known so she’s not gonna sell well. Her label will probably drop her after what she did because the album was not hers to release. Her label probably paid for her to get studio time, paid for her album cover photo-shoot and music videos meaning it’s their album as much as it’s hers.


    Joe Reply:

    @Natasha, you nailed it…spot on. That’s how the big machine works!!


    well Reply:

    Well put. The label wasn’t “fucking with” her dreams; they were financing and facilitating them.

    She would never have had the resources to create the album, so all that bullshit she was saying about how she didn’t create it for the money but for the fans was irrelevant. If that was the case, make money elsewhere and finance your own music. That’s the only time you can say it’s “your music” and the label can’t butt in.

    The logic just wasn’t there. And this is coming from someone who enjoys her music.


  4. Remy

    This album is going to be so perfect man. I can’t wait! She’s setting up a whole new sound for 2014.



    She’s talking about having dreams and haters hating and I’m like what haters? Who’s stoping you from doing you? Who is she talking about? Anyways, it sounds okay but it will flop tho. I do agree it should’ve been released in 2014. I want all my female rappers to release in 2014.


  6. muthafucka

    this whole beef with her label feels to orchestrated. feels to me like her label know that Azealia’s record is coming in March and they want to get in front of it.
    This sampler is boring and if this is a taste of what her album is going to be like, it will most assuredly bomb as will Azealia’s.

    Interesting note on Azealia Banks, I was reading of these year end polls today and not one mention of any of the music she released this year and yet she ranked of every round-up of the years best Beefs.

    Sad there there doesn’t seem to be any female rapper out there that stands a chance of coming close to Nicki’s success


    justmaopinion Reply:

    @muthafucka, nothing against Azealia, I think she is dope in her own right but objectively speaking, lyrically Angel shits all over her.

    And that’s all that should matter.

    At the end of the day, if the music is good quality it will sell. And it doesn’t seem like Angel is bothered about sales she just wants to create a product that will please her fans.


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @justmaopinion, what fans?


  7. Sharkiesha

    This Album is so boring omg!!! Where is the mixtape Haze I fell asleep on deep sea diver! Yes you can rap but omgggg I didn’t say YASSSSSSSSSS BITCH ON ANY OF THESE RECords! Say what you want about Azealia but her music or fun!

    But this album is sooooooooo gonna flop it’s not even funny lmaooooooo OMG NOONE KNOW YOU!
    You should of got ya name up in jan and February I would of kept my march date if I was you!
    Your label dropping that ass after first week sales! They will blame you for basically allowing people to download your album!


  8. Oh Nahhhh

    This shit is boring.


  9. IZZY a187

    WOW!! i never thought there would be someone lyrically better than nicki minaj….cause her music is crap and we tired of it. Leaking your album was a bad idea buh what tha heck, that wont stop me from been a fan..i love your music !!!


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