Video: K. Michelle – ‘Christmas Night’

Christmas Night

It will be a blue Christmas for K. Michelle. The Memphis songstress sings about lost love in the live performance video for her holiday single “Christmas Night,” which premiered on “106 & Park.”

“Everybody isn’t always happy on Christmas,” she said. “Some people, they reminisce on the loved ones that they lost. Some people reminisce on things they never got for Christmas.”

The song is available on iTunes as part of her two-song holiday bundle, which also includes a cover of “O Come All Ye Faithful.”

During her appearance on “106,” K also announced that she will join Robin Thicke on his North American tour, starting February 21 in Atlanta.

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  1. chad

    Brilliant song but this video is horrible :( It could have been so much better- Something with a similiar storyline to Tamar “she can’t have you” would have been much better


    sonyap1baldwi Reply:

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  2. Rob

    Garbage as always


  3. King B Agent (Blue Ivy Brother)

    This is song is beautiful and love the video as well..


  4. Oj Zolanski

    Beautiful song, one of my favorites right now, but the video is absolutely horrific!! It isn’t relevant to the song at all.!!


    JD Reply:

    @Oj Zolanski, Agreed. It sucks so hard; doesn’t do the song justice at all.


  5. R&B lover

    I love the video. Glad she kept it simple because a song a beautifully written and sang does not need too much.
    And to the commenter above that “She Can Have You” song was over the top so that explains why the video was extra.

    Congrats K! This video did it justice you don’t have to be extra at all.


    R&B lover Reply:



  6. SLIM

    yet she still cant sing and this video look like S-H-*-* #FAIL


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