Video: Kendrick Lamar – ‘Sing About Me’ [Part 1]

Kendrick Lamar

In addition to platinum records and seven Grammy nominations, Kendrick Lamar wants to be remembered for influencing the culture. The Compton MC reflects on his life and legacy in the visual art piece for “Sing About Me,” a track off his debut good kid, m.A.A.d city. He rides through his city, while artist Eddie Peake creates a mural using lyrics from the song.

The video opens with the following message:

“When the lights shut off, an artist’s dream is that their work will stand the test of time. The ones that influence our culture are the ones we most remember. Here, two powerful creative forces come together to elevate the status quo and lay ground to their legacy. This is their poetry. Sing about them. This is part one.”

Kendrick has a smile on his face as he performs a freestyle with the artwork in the background.

Part 2 of their visual collaboration will drop in January.

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  1. Fanofall

    Yes! Finally. The most epic song on the album. Love. Long live King Kendrick Lamar


  2. C94B

    Kendrick Lamar is unstoppable. He’s running at 1000mph towards legendary status.


    Hannibal Reply:

    @C94B, Its amazing to see! He is the best up and coming atm. And he is probably in my top list I know its early days but he’s earned it this year alone. Dat control verse ( shout out to big sean) picked up the rap game and threw it on the world. No ones on his level right now rappers throwing shit at him but it phased him. Maybe only TDE ceo haha but still a great accomplishment hes done.


  3. Kdot

    The best song he has ever made, The gun shots in the first verse always gets me no matter how many times i listen to it.


  4. sonyap1baldwi

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    He’s annoying -_-


    Outspoken Reply:

    @NICKI MINAJ, like the artist in your avi? -__-


    thedon Reply:

    @NICKI MINAJ, If he’s annoying then why did you bother to watch or comment rubbish?


    Nicki Minaj Reply:

    @thedon, didn’t watch. I’m voicing my unpopular opinion clearly. Deal hoe.


  6. dionejdoty

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  7. nwhat

    another unpopular opinion here. is a midget and plus, ugly.


  8. pete

    NICKI MINAJ….get out of here n go n listen to drake rickross n lil wayne plus future they will never b a legend like kendrik…kendrik the great soulful rap the greatest..7 grammy nomination..he will win best new artist n best rap album.


  9. pete

    amazin reminds me of digable planets


  10. TRA

    Kendrick Lamar’s Sing About Me song is one of the greatest hip hop songs of all-time in my unbiased opinion. I am happy to see that Kendrick Lamar has been having a lot of great success ever since Kendrick Lamar’s good kid M.A.A.D. City album got great critical reviews and went certified platinum. I believe that Kendrick Lamar deserves to win Album of The Year, Best Rap Album, Best New Artist, Best Rap Song, and Best Rap/Sung Collaboration at the 2014 Grammy Awards. If Kendrick Lamar continues to put out great hip hop albums like good kid M.A.A.D. City, Kendrick Lamar will have the potential to become one of the top 10 greatest rappers of all-time before Kendrick Lamar’s music career is completely over.


  11. sadaM



  12. ruckerson

    first to the video. this is my personal song of the album and this Eddie Peake person has, in my opinion, picked some of the least inspiring words from the song to ‘inspire’ his art. let’s hope he does better in part 2 and represents the beauty and depth of the tune more appropriately.

    secondly to KL’s place in history. he’s a talent and clearly poetic, but in terms of skills he’s far from the best TRUE freestyler and in terms of recording the misogyny – intended, implied and unconscious – has to go! also he needs to be more engaged socio-politically – simple reportage without answers or at least allusions to solutions is not enough (long term). i understand this is a stricter measure than those considered great before him are held to, but the whole point about such assessments is that an artist (in his generation) is supposed to move the form on…#that’smyword


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