D. Woods Claims She Was Excluded from Danity Kane Reunion

D. Woods

D. Woods wants in on the Danity Kane reunion. One-fifth of the platinum group is claiming that she was excluded from the girls’ comeback concert.

Woods was missing when the other four members, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres, took the stage at L.A.’s House of Blues earlier this month.

The 29-year old singer is now telling TMZ that she would have loved to perform during Danity Kane’s first show in five years, but didn’t get an invite.

She also claims that she tried to reunite the group in the past, but was met with resistance. The first time she heard about DK’s reunion plans was through TMZ in May.

She’s unsure why the girls didn’t include her, but is happy that they’re having success with “the sound that I helped them create.”

This is in sharp contrast to what she previously said. In a statement to Us Weekly in August, she explained her decision not to return and wished the other members well.

“Much love to the ladies of DK!! They have decided to reunite and I, like our amazing fans, will be cheering them on,” said Woods.

She opted out of the reunion to focus on her solo career. “For the past couple of years, myself and the other DK members have been working on other projects individually, such as music, film, television, theater, and philanthropy and I have recently signed on to several projects that will have me committed for the next year,” she explained.

The other members claim that Woods received an invite for the reunion, but passed. “We asked who wanted to be here and those who wanted to show up, showed up,” Dawn told Rap-Up TV. “It’s nothing more than that. We want people to see this for what it is and know that this is Danity Kane.”

The foursome are moving ahead with plans to release a new album in 2014. They are close to signing a new record deal and premiered a new song called “All in a Day’s Work” at their House of Blues show.

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  1. meme

    jesus lord i kno something wasnt right. why would an out of work artist decline work…I knew something was fishy


    RachelMcCarter Reply:

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    mumi Reply:

    @RachelMcCarter, That means that bitch was doing a webcam show 7 hours everyday? “A few hours”


  2. chantal

    OMG i knew something was wrong.Aubrey is a catty slut.D.woods is the best


  3. Random

    She doesn’t even make sense. How they didn’t invite you but you declined because you’re focusing on your solo career. Girl, bye. Just looking for a story to boost your failing career now that people are excited to have Danity Kane back.


    Jackie Rayne Reply:

    @Random, said it best. I like D. Woods but she rejected, I’m sorry. D. Woods and her sister Shanell can both sing but it’s not single performer ready. Girl you should’ve just accepted and went back to DK. They are just a great as the 4 of them. Good luck!


  4. KeepingItFunky

    I’m SO glad RapUp pointed out the inconsistencies in her story. Years ago, right after they broke up, she said she’d never go back. Then several months, she said she’s booked & can’t go, but wishes them well. NOOOOW…. after a great reunion show & all the amazing feedback… she’s saying she wasn’t invited?? This woman really needs to stop. She’s only tainting her brand as a Bitter Betty. If you’re gonna claim moving on, then MOVE ON. Stop dwelling. It’s too late for her to come back so instead of focusing on that, she should focus on her solo projects and stay there.


  5. YA'll DONT READ

    I’m not one to comment. But after seeing the two comments above its clear people don’t read before talking. Its was made clear in this post that D.Woods has talked about passing the invite. So now that she see the buzz she wants in? They are better with out you.


    meme Reply:

    @YA’ll DONT READ, we did read b4 commenting but the there are conflicting statements, thats not our fault bitch


    wow Reply:

    @meme, conflicting statements… made by the SAME person!!!! Obviously HER story isn’t adding up!!! wow your a dumb bitch


  6. Girl Bye



  7. Ice

    She was the worst member of the group anyways. Didn’t she recently release a Christmas song that sounded like a phone recording?


  8. Johny

    Perhaps she told the truth, because before Danity Kane runited Dawn makes in interview on youtube and she explain that she called Shanon,Aubery and Drea and when people ask her about D she said quikly I dont have her number. For me it seems like aubery and Dawn want to be the leader of the group what is realy stupid because everybody knows that Dreas vocals are incredebile and she is defenitly the best singer of the group.


    meme Reply:

    @Johny, Drea is incredible in studio but NEVER on performance. Also Drea dont have lead singer looks nor the persona of a leader. Over all Dawn or Aubrey needs to be the leader…moreso Dawn becuz she is the complete package


  9. RachelMcCarter23

    the group.


  10. RachelMcCarter23

    Perhaps she told


  11. mrLdavis

    Hey Guys,

    I was sent this post on twitter and wanted to clear up some things because I didn’t want anyone thinking I was lying on behalf of Dwoods or making things up. I want to start with the production deal. Everything I said was true, Dwoods was working with this company in hopes of securing her own situation, once rumors started to swirl about a Danity Kane reunion that company approached her and was like, we can guarantee a tour, and television show for Danity Kane, but only if all five members sign on. The project she was working on by herself was tentative, but the deal offered to Danity Kane was definitive. So basically they were ready to green light a Danity Kane project, but “work on” a Dwoods project. Anybody knows that as a group they are more marketable and can make more money together, as five, than any of them solo.

    When D brought this deal to their Manager Johnny Wright, he advised her that the group was not interested and that they wanted her to sign over her rights to Danity Kane. The girls, all five, have always owned the name and business Danity Kane. Although Dawn created the name, Dawn was not in the group alone. Dawn did not create the music alone. Danity Kane until this day is owned by all five original members. All of them, including dwoods, owing the same amount of shares.

    As far as Dwoods saying she was “busy” which is why she didn’t join them, its called damage control. its like this you have a group of friends who are invited to a party and you aren’t. so when people ask you why you weren’t there you’re like “oh i had better things to do”. And although Dwoods did have other projects she was contractually obligated to fulfill, she never once told those girls no. But when they decided to move on without her what was she suppose to say?

    If they really wanted dwoods to be a part of it they would have contacted her and said “Hey D when will you be done with your outstanding projects so we can set a date for all of us to reunite” that didn’t happen. Although they let Aubrey release “Between Two Evils” and Dawn “Goldheart” nobody rushed them through their project so its unfair for them to rush her. Not to mention I don’t know why Dawn is speaking on dwoods willingness to reunite or not seeing as though Dwoods and Dawn have not talked in about 4-5 years.

    Until this day, you can google articles like the one below where dwoods says that “”If the opportunity presents itself, I would definitely be open to recording and/or performing with Danity Kane again,”

    Then you can see interviews where the other 4 girls shade her talking about “dwoods who”

    I thought they said they invited Dwoods and she said no…so why in this interview they say she didn’t meet the deadline? did she say no? or did she not meet the deadline they set without her consideration? Which is it?

    Its funny how they can shade someone who was a founding member of their group, yet turn around and use all of her vocals during their reunion show. If you listen to them perform show stopper at the reunion show, you hear nothing but dwoods, and she wasn’t even there.

    I’m providing proof and backing up what has been done and said by Dwoods, and although TMZ did not run the whole interview this is how it was sent to them in full. If you have any other questions about the validity of this post you can @ me on twitter @mrldavis and I will confirm I wrote this.

    Also many will ask why I go so hard, not only is she a friend of mine. But she went through a very grueling process to be a part of this group, as all 5 of them did. Its unfair that she is being shaded publicly by the same girls she once shared the stage with. Even if Dwoods did decide not to go back why say “dwoods who” and act like you don’t know who she is yet use her vocals in a reunion show that you didn’t invite her to be a part of?

    Crazy thing is Dwoods still today says if their was a plan of action set in place she’d be down to reunite with them. But Dawn Richard and the Danity Kane’s aren’t having it.


    Girl Bye Reply:

    @mrLdavis, How much is d woods paying you to post this. All this may be true (or not) but the fact of the matter is Wanita acted like she was beyond DK and that she was passed that, and was ready to move. I agree she went through he11 to be apart of this group. However, Wanita chose not be apart of DK and she personally “wished them the best, and would be cheering for them”…Wanita made her bed she needs to lay in it and quit making excuses (or having “friends” make them for her) Because she is coming off as biter. She dropped the ball, and needs to stop burning bridges.


    @KingCoward Reply:

    @Girl Bye, Yeah, and she’s been like that since the group disbanded. Earlier this year (or late last year…whenever “To The Bottom” was released). D. Woods did a press event and her publicist declined ALL DK questions. I’m like WTF she think she is telling people NOT to ask her about DK? That’s the whole reason why people even know her…lol!!

    Her attitude has just been less than desired for a while now.

    And honestly, if she wanted to be in the group post the reunion lunch. It wasn’t too late to hop on board. She could have tweeted/text them. There is WAY too many avenues to communicate nowadays for this mess. GTFO! lol.


    KeepingItFunky Reply:

    @mrLdavis, Maaaan, listen. What YOU and ultimately D.Woods have to understand is we. don’t. care. The correlating parties (DK fans, D fans or both) want MUSIC. Folks might ki-ki and pretend to care but honestly they just love a show & mess. And that’s NO shade AT ALL. Y’all are friends & have a loyalty to one another. We don’t know that lady!! Most fans deep down appreciate what she did for DK (even if for the time being they’re being petty about it) but if the girls don’t want her back, regardless of how it was done, then she needs to swallow that pull & shine on her own. At this point, it makes her look like a LaTavia 2.0! I read your entire post & the bottom line that REALLY matters is when you said she lied to save face. That was her one wrong move & now it’s too late to turn things around. She’s gotta lay in the bed she made. She has stated numerous times that she wants to move forward. If that was 100% true, she wouldn’t utter a WORD about Danity Kane as far as their present/future endeavors. Just say you with them well & leave it there. If Aubrey (or Dawn, Shan or Drea) wants to be petty & look foolish, then so be it. Bc at the end of the day, that’s something THEY’VE gotta deal with.

    From a fan who’s loved all the girls… tell your friend to leave it alone. And if she’s got an issue, keep it behind the scenes. I’m assuming you’re the guy on twitter who knows her (the name is the same…). I suggest you move forward as well. Focus on the fans who love D and not on who doesn’t. Bc it doesn’t matter WHAT you say. People are gonna believe whay they choose to. You’re not doing her any justice dragging her name & brand thru mud, either. Everything will pan out like it should.


    musicsoul Reply:

    @mrLdavis, are u serious!! Who is gonna read that 90 page term paper that u just typed!!! The group has moved on..its now four…d woods is no longer apart of the group..so please get ur thumb out her ass and you and her both move on..I’ve peeped u on twitter too…u are a major dawn Richard hater and even go as far as putting her personal biz on there as well…one minute you praising her and the next you are say cruel things about her…I don’t believe anything you say…you are biased and you are wanita’s bff as well


    Musicsoul Reply:

    @mrLdavis, are u serious?!! Who gonna read that 90 page term paper!! I look at your twitter…you are a hater who constantly say mean,hateful things about dawn And you go as far as to put her personal biz out there on twitter..you are being petty and you are biased…you are best friends with wanita and I don’t believe a word you or her have to say… She not in dk any longer…you both need to move on


    Roadrunner Reply:

    @mrLdavis, Sounds like you have the inside track on what really went down . D Woods is not going to drop all the projects she is working on to be manipulated by a group of handlers who will lead the group Danity Kane down a another dark path again.

    She must have a few projects that are worth delaying joining the group. I see she is Co-starring in a movie with Mo Nique Oscar winner and producer. Blackbird. Opens in LA Feb 16, 2014. I think that speaks for itself.


  12. DanityKaneFan

    Danity Kane is not the same without D. Woods. LET HER IN!


  13. 2bad2bme

    D.Woods voice was too plain and forced and she was wack next


  14. JAY

    I think she may have lied about declining to join the group to save face for not being invited to rejoin the group.


  15. nixon

    well i dont see why they wouldnt want to envite her,First of all in that industry time is money , they said the ones who wants to show up can show up, they had a 5 hour meeting to spell out the shades and bs that have happened in the past. on the other hand d.woods said on a interview that she dont want to get back, cause she is booked and busy with some shit back in atl or sum, so i dont know why is she saying this now, and this goes for all the dk fans STOP TALKING ABOUT WHO IS THE BOSS, NO BODY IS THE BOSS THEY ARE ALL SISTERS HELPING EACH OTHER TO MAKE THEIR DREAMS COME TRUE, BECAUSE U GUYS SAW THAT EACH OF THEM TRIED TO GO SOLO AND IT DID NOT WORK , DAWN TRIED TO GET A DEAL BUT ALOT OF LABELS WERE NOT INTERESTED, SO THEY NEED OF EACH OTHER, DAWN IS THE STRONG ONE , AUBREY THE CRAZY SMART CHICK AUNDREA THE CUTE NICE GIRL,AND SHANNON THE GOOD HEARTED GIRL, so they are all bosses working together for their dreams ,


  16. Epic Greatness

    I always felt like there was always tension with Dawn & D Woods. They always seemed like they hated each other. Honestly, I’ve never heard D say she opted out to focus on a solo career. I’ve only heard her say in interviews that she was not included in the reunion. Yes, she is working on solo music but so is Dawn and she’s back in DK. I saw that interview with Dawn saying D Woods was invited but didn’t show up, but for some reason i don’t believe it. D Woods was always my favorite in the group and it’s sad that she’s not the reunion. It’s like the En Vogue situation all over again. But at least for them they never broke up and are still touring with two original members.


    TRP Reply:

    @Epic Greatness, Dawn was always praised for her unique voice by Diddy and D.Wood’s place was to be urban. I felt like she always hated her position in the group.


  17. TRP

    She wasn’t invited to the performance because she’s no longer a member of Danity Kane. Why would she be included in their comeback performance, when she declined to rejoin the group when they were reconciling? She’s said numerous times prior that she didn’t want to return, now that they are picking up shine she wants to claim she wasn’t invited. Yeah….


  18. Sushi

    That photo is so unflattering. Anyways. It seems that DK is taking notes from Destiny’s Child…. Kill them off the group, one by one, until a Beyonce rises lol



    So now she wasn’t invited but when the other girls met for lunch D.Woods declined the offer to focus on her solo career and gigs that was already lined up………..truth is D.Woods gagged because the DK movement was a success and now she’s realizing how much money and fame she missed out on………….


  20. Gerald

    D.Woods needs to get her life because now that DK is getting high reviews now she wants to say they excluded her. When before she said she was focusing on her solo career girl bye no sympathy for your.


  21. adajtvnetwork

    As ditty said emotions will have you broke kicking ,,yourself in ass. From that I read from that Davis dude, I think drama is about to pop off with lawyers and lawsuits over vocals used and help creating their sound. The four girls killed that show. Dwoods putting a dark cloud over them because the comeback was so hot and she is not a part of it. We just want DK MINUS THE DRAMA


  22. 2bad2bme

    she acts as if they were just doing a reunion performance one time…they are actually a group again and she said she would be rooting them on with the rest of the world…girl stop your mess!


  23. @KingCoward

    Yall are forgetting something. Why would Shannon and Aundrea agree to be a part of this reunion…if D. Woods was never invited. S&A didn’t even do DK3 (at end of MTB 4)…they had respect for all the girls. It was all or nothing. Why would that all of a sudden change???

    Whatever the reason is that she didn’t return…I honestly don’t care. She ain’t in it…and they’re doing well without her. She just needs to move forward and come strong on her solo material.

    What’s done is done…


  24. Penny Proud Lil Sis

    Poor D.W., your backwood stage play aint selling, neither is your single…now your looking for buzz…bye felicia.


  25. DK4Life


    did you really bring yo ass over here to post that?

    Look D just realized she fucked up another chance to get paid…….smh. and now she starting twitter beef…..


  26. DK4

    What yall have to realize about @mrldavis is that him and D.Woods are best friends so everything he says is always in her favor.. but what I find funny is how he can come on here and attack the other members of Danity zKane yet he was at the concert. Where is your loyalty for bestie? The truth is THIS… d.woods declined to return because she thought this reunion wasnt gonna happen but now all the sudden she wanna be apart of it. In EVERY interview ive seen.. D.Woods always avoids the topic of DK but now she wanna go and say she wasnt included. Have a seat WANITA!


  27. Jake

    To be honest from the moment they announced their comeback Danity Kane’s side of where D.Woods was was never consistent. D. Woods has always said she was never invited to the initial “lunch in” in may and I believe that to be true. Dawn even said they were all given a deadline when they announced their reunion at the VMA’s meanwhile you cannot give someone a deadline to meet when youve never contacted them. Dawn and Aubrey are not being completely honest about what happened in terms of Wanita’s absence and it is obvious. As a fan of DK i am discouraged to see this going on. I have loved them all from the start but something is clearly going on behind the scenes between these girls and it’s unproffessional. D.Woods and Aubrey used to be close and call themselves “Ebony & Ivory” and it was also at that time they both couldnt stand Dawn. Now Dawn and Aubrey are best friends and shade D.Woods all the time. Why havent Shannon and Aundrea spoken up for D. Woods? Confuses the hell out of me both of them to sit there quietly and let Aubrey and Dawn answer the question when an interviewer asks the group as a whole “why D.woods is not here?”.


  28. tony

    If you go back to the Rap-Up video where they talk about their Reunion and how it came together Aundrea says it started from a text which lead to a phone call and lastly their meeting for lunch. The Big Question is if she received the that specific text that everyone else received, It’s Either a Yes or No ? and Also I.m trying to understand her agenda meaning what is D.Woods seeking from her statements because it left kinda open to suggest that she wishes them good but she wants to be down on it as well but is she trying to force herself into the group. They should just have another face to face sit down and hash out any left over feelings they have towards one another because although the current 4 (Dawn,Aubrey,Shannon&Aundrea)have buried the hatchet , Danity Kave was originally 5 and D.woods was the only one not able to hash out what she felt . Maybe they can go head with album number 3 promote it , release it & D.woods could come back on the 4th album that way it would be starting fresh and it gives her another year to finish any left over business .


  29. dustin

    she is such a stunt queen for this. she saw that there was actually a demand for danity kane and regretted her asinine choice to not reunite. i love that she is threatening to sue for a paltry piece of profit from one live show. someone must be pinching pennies.


  30. BadBitch Syndrome

    I always thought that after DK broke up that D woods would’ve joined her sister Shanell at Young Money and they would start popping but I guess not.


  31. philly11

    Love DK…and didn’t think I would like them as a foursome but I am loving it and can’t wait for their new music. Shannon will know show why she was picked for this group and her confidence is at an all-tome high and I am loving it!!


  32. Bijan

    I think they should find another black girl to replace D Woods, that would be a good slap in the face to her lol


  33. Bleep

    Am i the only one sad that dawn is focusing on the group and not her amazing album she promised (black heart). As a fan I felt dumped I understand the reuniting of the group is to bring in the cash but I still feel she needs to continue where she left her fans. She released songs for the album and then I hear Danity Kane reunion. I felt she kinda conformed to this plan to make that money I ain’t mad at her I just wish she continue her legacy as a solo artist with a vision.


    Mark Reply:

    @Bleep, No, you’re not the only one. I love Dawn as a solo artist as well. Her music is incredibly innovative and I love how she tells real life stories in a fantasty themed kind of way. Although she has stated many times that she likes being independent, she probably saw the opportunity to come back and make DK happen again. As great as Dawn is as a solo artist, labels didn’t want to take a risk on her because her music is different. I think she’ll continue with the Trilogy later on after DK does another album. Who knows really


    Wow Reply:

    @Bleep, I agree. I just feel like her label wasn’t promoting her hard enough. I never heard about any of her songs unless rapup talked about them. :-/
    She just needs to release one more amazing song, create a buzz, and have a music video for it & I’m sure she’ll sell again.


  34. Lil' Kim

    sounds like a bunch of catty females going through it over money. put the bullshit aside and get in the booth. i dont think they should have shaded d.woods like that and exclude her intentionally…but i understand where d.woods is coming from…if people dont like u and they show it ur not just gonna be kissing their ass in public…i would deny DK questions too, because the girls obviously dont fuck with her like that…And to think all this time i thought they stopped making music because of Diddy…chile.


    georgia23 Reply:

    It is my hearts desire that D. Woods has all the seats she can find. First it was, I’m too busy and I’m focusing on my solo career now that it was a success it’s “I was excluded”. BYE FELICIA. If anyone would have been excluded based on how things ended it would’ve been Dawn. Something in the milk ain’t clean and I don’t think these girls would have shut D out randomly. She had to have done or said something crazy in her denial of rejoining the group because even Shannon be looking like “Who’s this fifth member you speak of?” In interviews. Whatever happened, this sounds like a case of sour grapes.



    Dawn and Aubrey are shady. Point. Blank. Period. They are going to use this situation until they can’t anymore. Mark my words. DK fans, don’t get too happy. It won’t last for long. Cuz these two heauxs are in it for themselves. F*ck a group!


  36. MOIZME

    I didn’t get to say my piece so here we go….
    I have watched ALOT of interviews and read tons of posts and comments since this reunion talk started and Yes, D Woods said she was busy, yes DK confirmed DWoods business respectively, and yes ok, on some of the radio station interviews via YouTube DK did try to quickly NOT talk about D. Woods by saying its all about us 4 now. But i’m sure thats because of the tons of times they had to politely say D Woods is busy those of us who wanted to be here are here. On one interview they asked is there still a spot for dwoods to return and I think Dawn honestly said there was a time when the door was open for D Woods that time has passed and now the four of us are DK. Not a direct quote but its the jist. Think about it.. the four of them working there asses off and reconfiguring vocals and dances for 4 girls instead of 5 then when D Woods sees all the hype lets say even after the Chris Brown mess up that costed them there halloween come back, she probably wanted back in then, and honestly i would of been like … no. DK could of been back months ago if D would of sign on from the beginning. So she sees the ladies KICK ass and sorry I didn’t notice D woods vocals but i did notice Shannon and Aubrey up there vocal game and take on her parts. but i think she said OH shyt to her self what have i done and i’m mad cause they won’t let me back now, what can i do to make them look bad, to steal there shine a little, to maybe get more attention my self and possibly get more exposure… This is BS, and i know you true DK fans know that. And even on the small chance that she lied to us all ( let me clarify she lied then or is lying now) to save face and DK didnt want her back? It was for a reason and probably a good one. one we might never know. DK for life!


  37. TJ

    Why do we want a dk reunion people? For the music, lyrics, amazing live performances. Seems like three names keep popping up on here. The same names that started alot of the drama in the group. D. Woods, Dawn, and Aubrey. Think about it Aubrey wanted to go solo cause diddy made her the sex in the group, and her head got big. D.Woods wanted solo also because she knew so many people supposedly. Dawn well we seen how that turn out, diddy-dirty money, had three solo albums out. Out of them three personally dawn shouldve stayed solo. Her dope ass choreography in her videos was on point. I liked and watched all about aubrey, and purchased her album. D. Woods song 2 da bottom still has me turnt when i listen to it in my car. I purchased all of their solo albums. I didnt really hear anything on Andrea or Shannon so cant say anything on them. Diddy fuck all them girls head up. If u go watch making the band 3 and 4. U can clearly see even after they made the cut; it was like they all was trying so hard to get diddys attention. I think its alot of hate, jealousy, and stupidity amongst Aubrey and D. Woods and Dawn and D. Woods. Why? We probably wont ever know because we still dont really know the real reason what happen the last time they broke up. I watched their reunion show, and it was good, but u clearly see they need “some boom boom cats” classes. They not all together, and Andrea love her voice, but where is her energy and fire when she use to perform. Dawn and Aubrey of course worked it the fuck out. But DK fans did yall see Shannon; she was killin it! Im happy for all of them. It sucks D. Woods couldnt join or wont join whatever happen. We can keep going back and forth but truth is anybody who is DK fan is going to watch, listen, and read about them. Whens the single coming out, whens the album coming out. Thats what everyone wants to know. They showcased their first performance in five years with only four them. They did a great job without D. Woods. If none of the girls ask her back; then there is an obvious reason why. Something must have happened between each of them to not want her back. But thats what the whole luncheon meeting was about. They were all invited that day to get ill feelings out, and reform the group positive. If she declined going back, then why is she complaining now. The group has to stop their movement because now D. Woods wants in. It dont work that way. If She wanted in their was a deadline; which was the luncheon that she shouldve attended. Im sure if D. Woods wouldve really wanted in and talked to girls; they would’ve rescheduled if she was busy that day. Bottom line is what does all four remaining members say about DK…..ITS FOR THE FANS!!!!


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