New Music: 2 Chainz & Lil Wayne – ‘Twerk Season’

Twerk Season

‘Tis the season for twerking. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne turn up for the holidays on “Twerk Season,” which the Atlanta rapper previewed last night at the 4th Annual Street Execs Christmas Concert in ATL.

“Twerk, twerk, bitch, twerk!” commands 2 Chainz on the rattling production.

The rappers are rumored to be working on a joint album for release next year.

In related news, 2 Chainz was charged with obstruction following his police standoff in Oklahoma in August. “So the fact that OKC is charging me with obstruction months after pulling my bus over And finding nothing lets me know the devil is busy,” he tweeted.

Turn up and twerk around the Christmas tree.

[Rap Radar]

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  1. #RihannaNAVi



  2. JD

    Yeah this sucks hard.


  3. Tunechi

    Dope ♫♪


  4. Dave

    all this twerking stuff is getting ridiculous. please world no more twerking in 2014.


    Ice Reply:

    @Dave, Yeah, let’s leave that in the past.


  5. Nicki Minaj

    We don’t need a 2Chainz and Lil Wayne joint album in 2014. Keep the bullsh-t music in 2013. I guess the good rodents need more music to pop Molly and acid to. smh.


    b Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj,

    says the person with a nicki minaj avatar. Irony.


    EV Reply:

    @Nicki Minaj, so you live in the future?


  6. Deejay

    Let this tired ass twerking shit go. Come up with something new and original. Fuckin lames.


  7. KayeV

    such foolishness … twerk twerk bitch seriously !?? nah this needs to stay where it’s at


  8. LikeWhaaat

    And this is why Drake is the best in YMCMB/Cash Money, everyone else is garbage AND YES including Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.


  9. H-Town, Bitchhhh

    Wow!! Did Lil Wayne Just copied Drake’s Lyrics??


  10. Vanessa Xxx

    This song is so shit its laughable i ain’t tryna hate but ermm when you have songs like this compared to swimming pools by Kendrick Lamar ta can see the quality between the two “rappers” i like 2 chains but come on this is shit as fuck


  11. Vanessa Xxx

    Oh my fucking lord how terrible oh 2 chainz this is just amateur and proves you have very little talent (sorry to 2 chainz fans but its the truth)


  12. Katharyn

    Wow lmaooooooo.


  13. jfiggaz

    stop hatin it’s ok for y’all 2 twerk tho right ima south nigga til u make better music shut up none of the artists u like r better than none of the southern pioneers so stop breathing hot air y’all smell like bs haters


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