Video: Beyoncé – ‘Self-Titled’ – Part 3: Run ‘N Gun

Beyoncé and Jay Z

Beyoncé unwraps a Christmas Day present for her fans with Part 3 of her “Self-Titled” documentary series entitled “Run ‘N Gun.”

In the five-minute clip, she reveals that she recorded 80 songs for her self-titled visual album. “It was the songs that were more effortless for me that stuck around,” she said.

The first single, “Drunk in Love,” came about when she was in the studio with Detail, Timbaland, and Jay Z. “It wasn’t about any ego. We weren’t trying to make a hit record, we were just trying to have fun,” said Bey.

She also gives a behind-the-scenes look at the video for the song, which was shot on the beach. “It was just us two and it was perfect.”

Many of the 17 music videos were filmed guerrilla-style in locations including the 4th Ward, Houston, and Coney Island.

“If it was my choice, I would never have a permit. I would just get in the car, get a camera, and we just shoot. And trust me, we tried,” she laughed.

BEYONCÉ is nearing one million in U.S. sales and will likely top the Billboard 200 for a second week. Final sales will be announced on Thursday.

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  1. carolyn

    they messed up on the part of “Rocket” Director. That was Blue music video. Beyonce embracing imperfection


    Bae Reply:

    @carolyn, They did not mess up. He directed both videos.


    meme Reply:

    @Bae, yea but when he was speaking about Blue they had rocket on the screen. They did mess it up. I was like what is he talkin about dont sound nothing like the rocket video.


  2. meme

    kool…i would say about half of the videos look and feel very free styled which I loved because beyonce is normally such a try hard. glad do see her just letting it loose and whatever happens happens this time around.


    FormerlyFromTokyo Reply:

    @meme, A “try hard,” huh? Beyonce WORKS hard and she DOES. To “try” means that you don’t accomplish what you set out to do; you only make an effort towards it.


  3. Nyc

    They didn’t mess up @Carolyn it says Blue & Rocket meaning he directed both vidoes


  4. 2bad2bme

    I love this era…it seems she’s over trying to be like Michael Jackson with her approach, and is just being who she is “Beyonce”


    slayonce Reply:

    @2bad2bme, What makes you think she was trying to be like MJ, in what way?


    2bad2bme Reply:

    @slayonce, girl, she say it every era if your a real beyonce fan, how she studied how he did certain things to become a world wide pop star…how something she made makes her think of something he did. Look it up on youtube honey


    NEUTRON Reply:

    @2bad2bme, ACTUALLY… if you listen to the intro of “Mine” she is still channeling her inner MJ.


  5. JD

    I love these videos. Quite cool getting such an insight into her process like this. Love the fact that Bey freestyled in the studio. Explains why this is some of her best work so far.


  6. CurtisDonDeano

    loooove bey


  7. BEYHIVE2014

    This was too cute, especially the studio clip when Jay said “handle this curve” and Bey said “Oh Lord” HAHAHA! Kelly’s reaction was like “too much information Jay” lmao!


  8. FormerlyFromTokyo

    I really did not care for Jay-Z’s verse on ‘Drunk In Love.’


    Bitches In Paris Reply:

    @FormerlyFromTokyo, Ok ?


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