Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
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Kanye West Gives Kim Kardashian One-of-a-Kind Christmas Gift

What does Kanye West get the woman who has everything? The hip-hop mogul presented his soon-to-be wife Kim Kardashian with a Hermès Birkin bag for Christmas. But this wasn’t any old Hermès bag. ‘Ye had the coveted item, which costs tens of thousands of dollars, hand-painted with nude portraits by George Condo, who designed the artwork for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Kim shared a photo on Instagram, writing, “#HandPaintedGeorgeCondo #HermesBirkin #OneofOne #ChristmasPresentFromYeezy.”

She was spotted holding the handbag during a post-Christmas shopping trip to Sports LTD in Woodland Hills, Calif. ‘Ye carried their purchases as they walked out of the store.

Kimye celebrated their first Christmas together as an engaged couple at the Kardashian family’s annual Christmas Eve party at Kris Jenner’s home. For her first Christmas, Baby North received her own one-of-a-kind outfits from designers including Hermès, Stella McCartney, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

Kim Kardashian

George Condo Birkin Bag

Stella McCartney


Charlotte Olympia

Photos via Splash News + Instagram

  • lala

    some ugly bag!

    • rich

      @lala, like u.

      • lala

        @rich, u mean u

  • Tim

    Kanye would make millions of dollars if he made his clothing/items affordable & available at places like Macy’s, but Kanye is too full of himself to do that.

    • Steven


      • mumi

        @Steven, hahahahahaha

      • Ro

        @Steven, Lmaoooo thank you for that!

    • eoiny

      @Tim, Thats what he wants to do ffs

      • Tim

        @eoiny, LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    • B

      @Tim, he wants to make affordable stuff. He hates luxury brands now because they put their price points so high, and with all of his collaborations with designers, they place the price points as well and they were too high. He’s been fighting for creative control and control of his pricing to make it more affordable too. Do research before making dumb comments like that.

  • pete

    what the hell is that..walmart n goodwill stuff better than that

    • Bitches In Paris

      @pete, Oh you would know Pete .

      • Iruleeverything

        @Bitches In Paris, lmaoo

  • B

    All of you basic people fail to understand that that it is a HERMES BIRKIN bag with a painting by one of the most respected artists of our time on it. But since it’s weird and different you write it off as ugly. Ha.

    • Tevin

      @B, The bag is ugly as shit, regardless of its maker. You idiot stans eat up everything this guy does and call it the gospel.

      • B

        @Tevin, oh shit I’m one of the few people thinking it’s not ugly, so I’m automatically a stan? Hahaha just because my opinion doesn’t adhere to everyone else’s doesn’t mean I’m a stan. Have a mind of your own. Hermes bags are awesome in my opinion and I have a thing for Condo pieces because they’re always interesting. Art isn’t always supposed to be pretty. But it’s surely one of a kind as the headline says, and I admire that. Grow up instead of calling people who like something, stans. Ignorant as hell.

        • karamelkisses

          @B, just like you have the right to like the bag, others have the right NOT to. it’s a hermes, and? the birkin bag itself is ok however picasso could have hand painted the bag and it would still be hideous. art is both objective and subjective.

    • King Fierce

      @B, just because it’s designer doesn’t mean it looks good. Crap is crap regardless of the price tag.

    • King Fierce

      @B, the fact that you think that this bag is amazing simply because it’s a Hermes makes you basic my dear.

  • jae


  • EC

    What Total BS

  • Andy

    its hell ugly and big

  • outside the box

    IT screamms demonic on the hermes bag. It looks as though maybe a fifth grader painted it with only an hour of time on there hands before there add kicks in. I laugh at what some people call art i guess if enough of us call it that the lack of a spine in the rest of us we just follow suit and call it that as well. Even the baby clothes were a little sub par. But please kim put that bag in the furthest corner of your closet and have a senior moment and forget about it.

  • fox

    Don’t they realize how ridiculous they look? I can’t help but to lol every time I see them :P Such superficial morons.

  • GeeZuS TuRnT

    My name is GeeZuS…. Not one of Kanye’s Yeezionites!Kanye West is the MOST POLITICALLY TURNT Stupidest Highest Paid TRAINED MONKEY! And the ONLY &i+cH that kept him “Kind Of” in check his trainer aka ( MOM ) died! All because he didn’t want to pay a LICENSED PROFESSIONAL IN the country that supports his Dumb A** to fix whatever he or she thought God made a mistake on! But he has NO PROBLEM spending 10’s of THOUSANDS of $$$ on the only Hermes ” Monsters BAG” that was painted on Jerry’s Last Telethon….. For “Ray J’s Broadcasted WHORE~!” That’s why he created his on Religion because GOD would NeVeR allow SavaGe Beasts to run free in Heaven! Comment on That Bi%&$eS!!!!

  • becky

    Omg yes its ugly,my granddaughter could do a better job than that.but to each his own we all have different taste,because were all different.me personally I wouldn’t spend 1.00 on it much less 10,000 on it.some people have more money than since.

  • jude

    Lala, you are are so right we don’t hold back the fact because this the worst of all bag I ever see

  • cathy

    Kim is so full of herself it makes a person want to go puke. I used to like her until just recently and i started noticing how me, me, me she really is and i really picked up on it when she stayed at her moms house while her and Kanye were waiting on their home to be finished, Such an inconvenience she is putting on her mom and she shows nothing but disrespect and no gratitude what so ever ! i used to be one oh Kim K’s biggest fans but not any longer, What a shame for the Kardashian family and how Kim is embarrassing the family name and I bet her poor dad is rolling over and over in his grave witnessing her bad behavior and the worse part of this is that she thinks she is just a perfect mother, daughter, sister, girlfriend while she couldnt be farther from the truth. God bless her.

  • cristian

    his weirdest gift to kim ever…..HERPES lol