Snoop Dogg and Family Visit the White House

Snoop Dogg and family

The Dogg is in the House. Following the Grammy nomination for his reggae album Reincarnated, Snoop and his family were invited to the White House for the 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors earlier this month.

A tuxedo-clad Snoop, along with his wife Shante Broadus and daughter Cori B., met President Obama off-camera and shared a laugh and a fist bump with Secretary of State John Kerry.

“They done let me up in here, dawg, and I got my wife and my daughter,” said Snoop in the iPhone-filmed footage. “We at the White House doing it big. Now what?”

It was a full circle moment for Snoop. In his Reincarnated film, he says, “I’m never able to perform in situations where I’d love to because I don’t have those kinds of songs. My songs are too hard. I know Obama wants me to come to the White House, but what can I perform?”

Not only did he visit the White House, he also performed a live tribute to Herbie Hancock during the Kennedy Center Honors, which will air tonight on CBS.

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  1. MayZiin

    But where are the boys ? cori’s got so beautiful





  3. alexsmith

    This is why america is no longer respected around the rest of the world!!! China is the new super power lol! Xx


    iFeelSory4u Reply:

    @alexsmith, and that’s what’s wrong with America. Ppl like u that don’t understand that their are other ppl living in this country, born and raised in this country just like u that deserves to be in the White House as well. Now, there is nothing wrong with this pic the dogg family is dressed appropriately and all are smiling for the camera in a very tasteful way(noticed u didn’t see any gang sign language).Whats wrong with this country is ppl like u that don’t know what it means to accept ppl and work with them not against them,America is screwed because of ppl like u, the selfish, devilish, and the hateful. (U hate everything that’s not like u or that u can’t control)


    whyte Reply:

    @iFeelSory4u, Well said my friend, well said.


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  5. mankam

    Great look for the doggfather, SNOOP DOGG!! It was also great when helped in honoring Herbie Hancock at the Kennedy Honors!!


  6. bibi93



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