New Music: Angel Haze – ‘Deep Sea Diver’

Dirty Gold

With her debut Dirty Gold now available on iTunes, Angel Haze gets her feet wet with the lyric video for one of the 12 tracks, “Deep Sea Diver,” which is iTunes’ Song of the Week. The 22-year-old MC is haunted by a forbidden love on the spacey song.

“We were deep sea divers/ On another mans’ planet/ And I fell for you hard babe/ But I never quite landed/ No I can’t be with you,” she sings.

Her album was moved up from a March 4 release date after she leaked it online. “My labels didn’t think that I would do it, but I did,” said Angel. “No one should ever be afforded the opportunity to fuck with your dreams. REGARDLESS OF WHO THEY ARE.”

Listen to “Deep Sea Diver” and stream the full album via Spotify below.

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  1. Memphis901

    Girl Bye!!!!


    NICKI MINAJ Reply:

    @Memphis901, LMFAOOOO


    Free Spirit Reply:

    @Memphis901, Stop Hating!!! If You and @WannabeNICKIMINAJ Don’t Like Angel Haze, Then Why Comment On A Post About or Relating To Her???… Let’s Just Keep It All Positive!!!


  2. Free Spirit

    I LOVE Me Some Angel Haze!!! I Like “Deep Sea Diver”, “A Tribe Called Red”, “Angels + Airwaves”, “April’s Fool”, “White Lilies/White Lies”, and “Battle Cry (with: Sia)”… I Like The Whole “Dirty Gold” Album, But The Ones I Listed Are The Tracks I Liked The Most… I, Still Wished That She Waited To Release The Album, So That She Could Promote It Properly… But, Good Job and Well Done, Angel Haze!!!


  3. Andy

    bad day to release this :’(

    sorry Angel


  4. Girl Bye

    Umm at 0:56-0:59 ..”I shouldn’t never took my eyes of you”…Ummm last I checked off* was spelled O-F-F, not of.


  5. Kyle

    I’m really impressed with album! She can spit and some of these songs go really deep. Good job!


  6. plastic

    like the song album is pretty descent


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