Video: Jay Sean – ‘Take That Off’

Jay Sean

Jay Sean takes it to the bedroom on his new song “Take That Off,” the first offering from his upcoming mixtape The Mistress Part 2: Room Service. The Cash Money crooner, who released his album Neon last year, gets his girl naked while whispering sweet nothings.

“I don’t want to see those clothes on/ They look better on the floor,” he sings.

In the accompanying black-and-white visuals, he rendezvous with a sexy lady, who slowly removes her clothing.

Get in the sheets with Sean.

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  1. tay

    Neon flopped real bad.. Which is a shame cuz he’s got a lot more talent than a bunch of other fools out there who sells more.

    Hope this mixtape can atleast help him gain some attention again


    Mo Reply:

    @tay, agreed.


    Showtime Reply:

    @tay, agreed. All his albums are outstanding, his mixtape was amazing but people sleep on him hard. Neon was nice


  2. Jordan

    I thought Neon was terrible,without doubt his worst album to date, all he kept saying in the promotion run was that the album would have that 90′s R&B vibe to it but apart from a few standout tracks the majority of them sounded like poor attempts of radio records.
    The Mistress on the other hand was amazing, i still bump that and i’ll definitely give part 2 a listen when it drops


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