Common Announces New Album ‘Nobody Smiling’


Common is turning the spotlight back on his music in 2014. The rapper-turned-actor has announced details surrounding his new album Nobody Smiling.

For his 10th studio LP, the Chicago MC has reconnected with fellow Chicagoan No I.D., who will executive produce the concept-driven project.

“2014 will be one of my greatest times in music,” Common told REVOLT. “Originally I was making an EP, but we’ve just been making a lot of songs—myself and No I.D.—and I liked the direction.”

The follow-up to 2011′s The Dreamer/The Believer will arrive later this year on the 20th anniversary of Common and No I.D.’s 1994 album Resurrection.

The title was inspired by his troubled hometown of Chicago. “We came up with this concept Nobody Smiling [and it] was really a thought that came about because of all the violence that was going on in Chicago, or that is going on in Chicago,” he explained.

He hopes the music will serve as a call to action. “I like to say was because we’re going to bring it into fruition that it’s going to stop the violence that was going on, and it happens in Chicago but it’s happening around the world in many ways.”

Last year, Common dropped remixes to Chris Brown’s “Fine China” and Jay Z’s “Open Letter,” and had announced plans for a mixtape, which was never released.

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  1. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods

    Aint nobody going to the store to purchase this album, save your money and travel to dubai and enjoy your coins


    Steven Reply:

    @GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods, I will, but then again im over 21. Different strokes for different folks.


    True Story Reply:

    @GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods, People who actually enjoy good lyricism and music will purchase this album. Common is a living legend. One of the greats in Hip Hop who is respected. Dont ever come on here insulting someone who obviously shits on your favorite artist


    Danielle Reply:

    @True Story, PREACH!!! I’m one of those individuals you speak of who enjoy good lyricism. I love me some Common. I Used To Love H.E.R. is one of my favorite songs from him.


    Manjeo25 Reply:

    @True Story, Agreed. Common is indeed a living legend. He make great music you can reflect to. If you into very dumbed down music then this isn’t for you.


    Beezy Reply:

    @True Story, awwww man i love that comment, i love common and he is a living legend..i dont think he needs to be in the spotlight to shine, he’s where he belongs mainstream or not..his music inspires me in a whole lot of ways..the fag who said dont waste your money prolly listens to this new era of trap garbage


  2. Deejay

    I have never met a common album that I didn’t love. Definitely can’t wait.


  3. MOurice

    Common the greast ever, can’t wait for the project.Please make sure u ft Nas n K-Dot on it.


  4. MonkeyMan

    LEGEND! He is such a dope lyricist.


  5. ac3

    Common has had great consistency like Nas. can’t wait.


  6. Carter Boy

    If you dont fuck with common then you don’t have common sense. #Period


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