New Music: Keyshia Cole f/ Sean Kingston & Lil Wayne – ‘Loyal (Freestyle)’

Loyal Freestyle

Amid divorce rumors, Keyshia Cole breaks her silence with her freestyle to Chris Brown’s single “Loyal.” The Oakland songstress, who has a four-year-old son with Daniel Gibson, doesn’t hold back about her relationship.

“What we had was so real and you let it all go, go down the drain … These ni**as ain’t loyal/ These bitches can’t do nothing for you,” sings Keysh, while Kingston adds some dancehall flavor to the bouncy banger.

In November, she announced that she was working on a mixtape and had been in the studio with Future, Wale, Trey Songz, French Montana, August Alsina, and Mike WiLL Made It. As part of her recording sessions, she has also remade J. Cole and Miguel’s “Power Trip” and Drake and Jhené Aiko’s “From Time.”

Listen to Keyshia put her man on blast.


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  1. SxVGE

    I’M HERE FOR THIS!!!!!!



  2. MuziikFiend

    YESSSS!!! This is the FIRE I am TALKING ABOUT KEYSH!! Bring it bitch!


  3. Diamond Williams

    This the KC we love!!!! I’m so happy she is coming from the heart!!! Keep it real hunty that’s all we want from these artist!!! If we go through it we know y’all do!! Keep up the good work KC this straight fire!!!


  4. Free Spirit

    I LOVE Keyshia Cole and I’m here for this mixtape!!! I hope she has K. Michelle on it, because that would be the hottest, illest, and dopest collaboration ever since Brandy & Monica!!!


    georgia23 Reply:

    @Free Spirit, I think K. Michelle would’ve been great on this record!


    Brian Reply:

    @Free Spirit, No no and again no. K Michelle is a Keyshia Cole copycat so this will not happen


    Free Spirit Reply:

    @Brian, K. Michelle isn’t a copycat; her and Keyshia Cole may some personality traits, but they’re completely different from one another… K. Michelle is more like girl next door with a ratchet edge to her, she’s more humorous and Keyshia Cole is more like pretty girl meets thug chick.


    MusicStan Reply:

    @Free Spirit, @Brian if K.Michelle is a Keyshia Cole copycat then that make Keyshia a Mary J Blige copy cause we all know how gully Mary was in the beginning of her career…. I love and support all three (especially Mary J, I STAN FOR HER AND WE BOTH HAD A BDAY COMING THIS SATURDAY) but let’s face fact… Mary is the original gangstress of R&B


  5. toofresh

    Ok, KEYSH!


  6. Wow

    This has me amped for the mixtape! Keyshia Cole is BACK!


  7. An0thrDream

    WOW!! YESSSS this is the keyshia I fell in love with! REAL, Honest, and full of soul! Thank you Keyshia for a DOPE track, we missed you


  8. Deejay

    -_________- I feel like all 6 of the comments above are from the exact same person.


  9. georgia23

    Okay Keyshia… This is obviously her lane. I also don’t hate the pink-ish hair in the pic. I think if she cleaned this up with a chorus and a bridge, it’d be gold at radio.


    WILLEMENA Reply:

    @georgia23, Lol It’s Chris’ simgle. It couldn’t do anything at radio.


  10. meme

    YES bitch. Im here for this song and this cover. You better put yourself back on the map girl. Love it. Get um girl drop one 5 song mini mixtape for us


  11. meme

    But Wayne verse tho….every bar was on point. I like Keyshia and wayne together. I cant believe i like this cuz I came here to hate.


    Zack Reply:

    @meme, you kidding right? Wayne hasnt dropped a good verse in a year


  12. lolo




    The first few comments were posted by the same person. #FACT.



    wack lmaooo


  15. Girl Bye

    Keyshia Cole looks a little Nicki Minaj-esque…in this photo :-/


  16. JD

    Ok I love this, I haven’t even heard the original but this is the original from now on. Booby is a bone head for cheating on her.



    Yo, lol i came to hate but i really like this. Now im thinkin they shoulda given her the original track instead of chris.


  18. Polowill

    Aye this shit is hot!


  19. Dee Dee

    Ayeeee she representing for the bay this is a hot track, and we’re from the same hood.


  20. Major Sushi

    i thought that was Nicki Minaj. That’s why I clicked on this :(


  21. One love

    Damn this shit is dope as fuck! Except Sean Kingston fucked it up.


  22. MusicStan

    I like this songs from both chris and keyshia… hopefully we will get that mary j blige collabo on this mixtape or album… the queen of hip hop & soul along with the one of the princess of hip hop and soul


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