T.I. Teases Doe B Collaboration ‘Why’

Doe B

T.I. is making sure that Doe B’s music lives on. In the wake of the Alabama rapper’s death, Tip has teased a collaboration with his protégé called “Why,” which is set to appear on Doe B’s upcoming album.

“Coming Soon…. It ain’t over…. We Got U lil Bruh!!!! #RIPDoeB #CBM #hustlegangovererrrrthang,” tweeted Tip, who signed Doe B to Grand Hustle Records.

During his funeral, T.I. vowed to carry on his legacy. “One thing that I will never do, I’ll never let this young man’s hard work go to waste,” he said. “I’ll never let his life be lived in vain. All of my resources, relationships, all of my efforts, all of my energy will be put forth to make sure that his dream lives on.”

The 22-year-old rapper, born Glenn Lamar Thomas, was killed during a shooting at a Montgomery nightclub last month. Two others also lost their lives.

Listen to a 15-second snippet of “Why” below.

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  1. Free Spirit

    Rest In Peace Doe B.!!! Much Love Sent To The Families Who Lost Their Loved Ones… T.I. is a really good and loyal friend and I’m happy that his is keeping Doe B.’s name alive after his life was cut short… With the power of GOD, Good Music can really help soothe a persons soul.


  2. Bobby

    So he constantly covers his right eye and were just gonna act like we don’t see illuminati all over this? SMH ignorance


    yungin Reply:

    @Bobby, he got shot in the eye couple years back


  3. aaron

    Man I met doe b one time over there on atlana high way. U’ll be missed bruh I wanna make this rap game to but this stuff hard man 22 damn..



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