Juicy J Awards $50,000 Twerking Scholarship

Zaire Holmes and Juicy J

Juicy J is paying for one woman’s college education. After hundreds of submissions over the past few months, the “Bandz a Make Her Dance” rapper has awarded his $50,000 “twerking” scholarship to 19-year-old mother Zaire Holmes, a biology major at the State College of Florida.

But unlike her fellow entrants, Holmes did not twerk her way to a win. Instead, she read the complete rules, which did not require any twerking to enter.

Juicy surprised her with a $50,000 check and invited her to one of his recording sessions, where she showed off her rapping skills.

“A lot of people thought that you had to twerk, but you actually had to read the rules,” said Holmes, while Juicy added, “It’s not always about shaking your ass.”

The money was paid directly to the State College of Florida for her 2015 tuition.

See Juicy surprise her with a big fat check.

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  1. Zave

    We’ll look at that. Haha isn’t that a slap in the face to those other heauxs. Congrats young lady


  2. Croqque

    That’s good


  3. Major Sushi

    Ooh.. someone just got served


  4. K

    Lol that’s funny. But no one else read the rules? SMH they learned this time lol Congrats


  5. She needed it..

    Glad…college is crzy


  6. tony

    “You a college chick…you a college chick…keep twerkin just might earn you a scholarship.” Juicy j. Lol well he did say “might.” Congrats to this young lady. Brains won over ass


  7. tequila sunrise

    Brains will make u dance, brains will make u dance


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