New Music: Willow Smith f/ Jaden – ‘5’

Jaden and Willow Smith

Willow Smith vibes out with her brother Jaden on her breezy new song “5.” On the follow-up to last year’s “Summer Fling,” Will and Jada’s 13-year-old daughter emotes about young love.

“Can you see the words rollin’ off my tongue?/ You’ve got the touch baby ’cause you’re the one,” coos Willow.

Her older bro comes in halfway through the song, rapping about his misfit status (“A group of individuals, we kinda like sausages”).

Listen to their mellow and mature collaboration below.

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  1. h3xa

    …this shit got a nice ‘little’ feel to it….#tune #iLike


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @h3xa, LMAO, when Willow Smith, a thirteen year old, sounds more mature than a lot of these bitches out *cough* (Rihanna) *cough*
    Wonderful collaboration, great song.
    Willow is definitely a bad bitch, but the two of them look too damn old.
    Holla at me in Best Buy (fuck a Target) while I’m copping Willow’s latest!


  2. Ashy

    This a good song but this song I not fit for a 13 year


  3. Ahahaha

    Too young right now…but her future is right now


  4. Drb

    This is kinda great. Like most of her other stuff I’ve heard. I really await the day she decides to pursue music full time and delivers an album.


  5. JoJo

    Wow I love the sound she is going for, this is like Sugar & Spice when she released it in January Last year


  6. AAA

    I’m feeling this miss Willow


  7. CurtisDonDeano



  8. The Shady Truth

    I’m the only who finds this uncomfortable that siblings are singing and rapping like they’re in love? O_o #Eww This has a nice flow and they did a great job in terms of singing and rapping but i drew the line at the content of the song!


    sd Reply:

    @The Shady Truth, were the jacksons singing love songs to eachother? or just sharing their own perspectives on the same subject? you clearly have some insecurities of your own that youre projecting. trying to pervert the meaning like that. youre weird yo


  9. Richard Holmes

    I thought, think its an excellent song great great job willow and jaden


  10. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods



  11. BadBitch Syndrome

    This girl always makes good music, every song she has put out has been great. She is ahead of her time and if she keeps doing this type of music, I can see multiple Grammys in her future


  12. nwhat

    the title of the song matches their mental ages


    JayP Reply:

    @nwhat, Ha. laugh if the hour


    FormerlyFromTokyo Reply:

    @nwhat, That doesn’t even make sense given the lyrics of the song and the way they are in general. Don’t recycle jokes if they don’t apply. You tried. You failed.



    People could say what they want to say but this girl has talent and an ear for music. Every record she’s put out is great from the hit debut single Whip My Hair, to Fireball, to I Am Me, 21st Century Girl, and this record sounds like Janelle Monae/Erykah Badu/Jhene Aiko/Lana Del Rey I LOVE IT


  14. fromfrance

    sometimes its good to hear this type of song, not commercial just for our hear… but anyway its a wonderful song


  15. nick

    they make better music than most of the grown ups in r&b/pop


  16. MayZiin



  17. SameZey

    her voice has grown, her sound has grown… long way from whip my hair. im interested to see what kind of artist she will grow into… her brother sound like every other wanna be rapper on a beat tho!


  18. Andy

    how old are they??? I can’t believe they sound all that mature.


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