Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Unleash Surprise Performance on NYC Bus

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Despite all their success, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis haven’t forgotten their humble beginnings. The Seattle duo took it back to basics and surprised a bus full of New Yorkers with an impromptu performance in a promo for the Grammys’ “Music Unleashes” campaign.

With boombox in hand, they boarded the bus and started performing their hit “Can’t Hold Us” for the surprised commuters, who weren’t sure what was happening. Macklemore threw a paper towel roll around while he rapped and eventually the whole bus was standing up and clapping along.

On January 26, the duo will perform on a much bigger stage at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, where they are nominated seven times.

Watch them put a smile on the faces of some unsuspecting New Yorkers.

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  1. Donn

    This is actually a commercial for the Grammys lol. U can tell the way it is so cleverly edited


    Redchainsaw Reply:

    @Donn, EGGXACTLY


    Rob Reply:

    @Donn, Yeah it is.



    AH if Macklemore came on my bus!


  3. mimi

    sorry there is not that many good-looking people on the city bus. They are actors.


  4. dreincharacter

    Title correction:
    MACKLEMORE Unleash NYC, Ryan throws toilet paper at strangers”


  5. Jamie

    So clearly fake, like did no one notice it was macklemore on the bus? The filming and everything, urgh.

    If I had to sit through this shit on my way to work…


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