New Music: Dawn Richard – ‘Levitate’

Dawn Richard

While we await new music from Danity Kane, Dawn Richard reaches into the vault and unearths a previously unheard song from her Goldenheart/Blackheart recording sessions. On “Levitate,” the New Orleans singer flies solo as she floats over a drum-patterned beat.

After performing their first show in five years at L.A.’s House of Blues last month, Dawn and the rest of the group are expected to announce a new label deal.

Unlock Dawn’s unreleased gem below.

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  1. Jy

    I keep trying to dash it aside, but I can’t anymore. Dawn def got a nose job LOOK! Looks nice tho


  2. Swaybeezy

    This chick is too underrated!! I hope DK takes off again with this album so Dawn will be able to get signed as a solo act in the future.


  3. Marquis

    “This is for them pilots that got miles like me.” Dawn’s writing is always so creative and don’t get me started on these harmonies. She is truly an artist.


  4. blaze



  5. @AmazinJaLen

    Lol I strangely like it. Normally she has these weird songs but this one I can relate to. ;)


    FormerlyFromTokyo Reply:

    @@AmazinJaLen, >_> Weird? For actually having lyrics/sound that doesn’t sound like every other mainstream song?


  6. GirlsBeLikeImissDwoods

    thank god it wasn’t on the album


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