Beyoncé Shares Photos from Blue Ivy’s 2nd Birthday, New Year’s Eve

Blue Ivy, Jay Z, and Beyoncé

Beyoncé is giving fans another glimpse into her private and fabulous life. The singer has posted some personal photos from three recent celebrations on her Tumblr page.

The 32-year-old superstar brought in the new year with her family at Diddy’s lavish New Year’s Eve bash at the Versace mansion in Miami. Dressed in black and yellow, Bey partied with pals including Kelly Rowland, The-Dream, and director Melina, while Jay danced with daughter Blue Ivy.

Bey and Blue put on their party hats as they counted down to 2014. After watching the fireworks, the couple rode off on a motorcycle.

Two weeks later, the Carters celebrated their daughter’s 2nd birthday by renting out a party room at the Miami Zoo. Blue and her mom wore tiaras and got their faces painted. Bey’s Destiny’s Child groupmates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams also got in on the fun, sporting matching butterflies.

Timbaland’s daughter Reign penned an adorable birthday card to Blue, who got behind the wheel of her pink Minnie Mouse car as her father watched.

Just last weekend, Bey and her sister Solange celebrated their mother Tina’s 60th birthday in New Orleans. Prior to the masquerade ball, all three Knowles hit the spa for pedicures and champagne.

Check out all the party pics below.

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  1. kate

    family! love them


    dani Reply:

    @kate, more pics of ugly azz camel junior. why Lord why???? Other people have children too but they dont have them constantly for viewing putting them at risk for kidnapping and who knows what.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @dani, Beyoncé stay making it rain on these hoes. She even make Hov look a lil foine.
    I kidd, I kidd, bitch you ain’t right for trying to go in on a child. And besides, Blue is a bad bitch.
    Long Legs _____check!_____
    Elongated Neck_____check!_____


  2. jasmine

    that is how you do it great parties blue looks cute


  3. Michelle

    The pics are from their NYE party at the Versace mansion. Diddy hosted his own party at another location.


    what Reply:

    @Michelle, You’re wrong. Diddy had his own party on Star Island.

    Beyonce and Jay had their party at the Versace Mansion. Bey invited almost everyone who had something to do with creating the music and/or videos for her album to it.

    The other pics with the paint on her face are from Blue’s party.


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @what, you just said what michelle said smh


    CharlieTheUnicorn Reply:

    @what, sorry just saw where u corrected yourself


  4. what

    @Michaelle… I read your post wrong.. you’re right. They had two seperate parties.

    RAP-UP you’re wrong. Please correct this post.


    john Reply:

    @what, They claim they are so rich and powerful, and yet when the most important parties with the most important people are held, the only partys they’re invited to are their former ghetto dwellers partys.


  5. karamelkisses

    i love the fact that beyonce and jay are allowing blue to be a child. and the fact that when they are not working, they are spending quality time w/ each other & her. they aren’t trying to make her a fashion diva or put her on display w/ countless ig pics, just subtle but candid pics. i admire anyone in this culture this day and age that doesn’t feel the need to be live on social media. #livinglife


  6. Today is The late R&B singer Aaliyah 35 Birthday



  7. HOVorJefe

    Why tf they never show her face


    Oh Reply:

    @HOVorJefe, Their ashamed of how ugly she is.


    kàramelkisses Reply:

    @Oh, they have taken pics & shown her face. matter of fact she’s in the video for blue on beyonce’s latest album. the fact that you would insult one of God’s little angel, i’m sure there’s a special seat in hell for you. blue at the age of 2 is worth more than your family’s lineage 10 times over. so you stay behind the computer e-thuggin, while this millon dollar baby hangs out w/ her million dollar parents in private estates, mansions, planes & yachts.





    florence Reply:

    @BEDSTUYFLY, Maybe it is because she is a hateful person who has nothing to do with her only little baby brother. There are millions of people born out of those types of situations, and her own sister was pregnant when they forced the baby dad to marry her, and yet she hates on a little innocent boy baby. She needs to grow up and get over it. A little boy’s life hangs in the balance and he needs his father and father’s family to grow up healthy and strong. We are losing too many black boys because of dirty selfish women like Beyonce.


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