Eve to Star in Interracial Romantic Comedy for ABC


Eve is returning to the television screen. The rapper-actress is developing an interracial romantic comedy for ABC.

According to Deadline.com, the 35-year-old will star in a multi-camera comedy project produced by Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment.

Kaplan announced the news on Twitter. “Developing a 1/2 hr comedy w @TheRealEve for @ABCNetwork! #Eve will be starring & Exec Producing w me, I’m so excitd she’s coming back to TV,” he tweeted.

The show is slated for the 2014-15 development season.

Kaplan approached Eve with the idea and the two pitched it to ABC, who bought the project with penalty. Eve, along with Kaplan, will serve as executive producer.

The Philly MC will be able to draw from her own real life relationship. Over the holidays, Eve got engaged to British entrepreneur Maximillion Cooper.

She previously starred on the UPN sitcom “Eve” from 2003-2006 and appeared in the Barbershop film franchise.

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  1. Rob

    Her latest album was amazing, she deserves more attention.


    JD Reply:

    @Rob, Agreed.


  2. Melanie

    Can’t wait, Eve is so underrated right now.


  3. JessicaVanessa

    Hope she lets Nicki in on the small screen with her. I know they like each other
    PS. I don’t care about your opinions so don’t bother replying to this.
    The shits I give is accumulative to ZERO.


  4. Jizz

    More sad news


  5. EveRyder

    That’s that boss bitch pitbull in a skirt right there……making big moves. #stillgettingthatpaper #bossassbitch #E.V.E I love me some Eve.


  6. Empress Lauryn Hill

    Am I the only one to notice this interracial agenda being projected by the media involving blacks, specifically black women? Have and have nots, Scandal, now this show? Static brainwashing! Free your mind from the propaganda.


    Just saying Reply:

    @Empress Lauryn Hill, yet black men and white women are more likely and stitistically proven more likely to date outside of their race. Sometimes things are just simply entertainment, not everything has to be a damn conspiracy lol


    Jamie Reply:

    @Empress Lauryn Hill, is there anything wrong with interracial relationships?


  7. FormerlyFromTokyo

    It’s so annoying if it’s ABOUT it being interracial. 2014 and Americans still act like other races are brand new! (-_-;) One thing I loved about her show ‘Eve’ (such a great show, so funny) was that there was interracial dating and they never made a big deal about it being interracial, as well as the group of friends were different races. Looking at Sleepy Hollow now, that’s the best example of them just having a inter-racial/cultural cast and it not being a plot point. Even the extras are all different races/ethnicities. Come on now. In any case, Eve is so funny, so hopefully the show itself isn’t stupid/poorly written.

    And not everything is an “agenda” just because someone doesn’t like it. Just because someone tells me God isn’t real or gay marriage shouldn’t be or men shouldn’t wear skinny jeans doesn’t mean I’m going to believe what they say just because they say so. The nightly news, Fox News, CNN, etc. are so full of crap that I don’t even bother w/them. If they have agendas they’ll work no hardship on me.


    Andy Reply:

    @FormerlyFromTokyo, how a news show is full of crap?


    Beej Reply:

    @Andy, Fox has been known for being a biased news channel in what news they choose to present and their representation of it.


  8. flawda

    Let it be a black male rapper with a white woman, all hell would of broken lose by these black women. lol


  9. flawda

    Let it be a black male rapper with a white woman, all hell would of broken lose by these black women. lol





    BowDownToBey Reply:

    @NICKI MINAJ, The lady that has more platinum albums than your fav..





  11. Kyle

    I am so proud of Eve for still hustling in the industry and doing what she loves. I though “Lip Lock” was a solid comeback album for her. It had some strong cuts on there!


  12. EdgarC

    I love Eve. I’m excited for her!


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