New Music: Kandi – ‘Let Them Love’ [Snippet]

Let Them Love

Kandi Burruss is using her voice to vent. On her new single “Let Them Love,” the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star snaps back at her mother, Mama Joyce, who has publicly disapproved of her relationship with fiancé Todd Tucker, who she called a “gold digger.”

“You’re sittin’ here lonely/ You’re sittin’ here by yourself/ So stop giving advice on relationships to everybody else,” sings Kandi. “Let a person love who they love/ Why would you wanna be the cause of someone’s breakup?”

The emotional song is taken from the soundtrack to Kandi’s play “A Mother’s Love,” which opened in Atlanta.

Listen to her put her mama on blast on the 90-second snippet. The full song will hit iTunes on January 21.

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  1. Goodness

    When will people understand that you don’t have to be full throated big vocals all through out the entire song. Kandi doesn’t have a good enough voice for this. I’m just being honest. It was intolerable to listen to.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Goodness, I haven’t even listened yet, but I must agree. However, props for days to any bitch that won’t hesitate to drag her mom in a complete theatrical production. #priceless


    kshannel35 Reply:

    @Goodness, So true if patti don’t scream then no one will clap. she has to do so to get others attention… bothers me so much. have to give kandi her props though she has made millions helping others sing over their vocals as well:( here is my problem…disrespect.. ugg.. how? I am a mom and a grandmother with a mom who is still living….I do not even raise my voice to her let alone put her on blast like that. theirs a place and time for everything..period.


  2. Swaybeezy

    Sheesh that was stressful on my ears. Lyrics are always on point but her vocals are hit or miss. I love her hustle tho!! She stays on the grind.


  3. cali kid

    She cant sing to me honestly


  4. SameZey

    my ears >_


  5. Yesterday was the Late R&B singer Aaliyah 35 birthday

    this sound like a Country R&B/pop singer that would sing this song a lil better then kandi, she got too much dang vocal but the song does sound hot


  6. Naah

    I swear she has the most IRRITATING voice EVER!


  7. incognegro

    I feel that for some, reality tv helped promote their musical careers. In the case of Kandi, it has hurt it. Kandi sounds like the same Kandi who was singing lead in the platinum selling group Xscape; however, I feel that people take her less seriously because of her affiliation with RHOA. I agree, no one gets kool-aid points for over-singing a song out of their vocal range; however, I feel that some of the shade she gets is for people’s personal dislike for her, as opposed to her talent.


  8. ricki

    shet that shit up


  9. KillaX

    Yea, i’ve always said Kandi has a HARSH voice, Which is why Latosha Scott was such a good balance for her in all the Xscape songs. Kandi has however sang background vocals for many many female artist and groups. Try 702′s song “Seven” for instance. Her voice is all over the chorus, but she’s not screaming like she chooses to do when shes solo. Smh


  10. ed

    I feel kandi is better than 95% of the women singing today.I’d choose her voice over Alicia Keys and Rihanna any day!!!


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