Jennifer Hudson Lets Loose in ‘I Can’t Describe’ Video

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is busting out some new moves in her sexiest video yet. The Oscar and Grammy winner gets into the groove in the teaser for her Pharrell-produced single “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)” featuring T.I.

Yahoo! Music takes us behind the scenes as J-Hud dances in a pink leotard and sunglasses alongside her shirtless male dancers. The confident singer shows off her svelte figure as she performs choreographed moves by Fatima Robinson.

The Weight Watchers spokeswoman has been working with Timbaland and Pharrell on her upcoming third album.

“Some of the songs have a nice old school swag to them, but I think people will be very pleasantly surprised with this album ’cause it’s about the mood and the groove and real music,” J-Hud told Yahoo!

She has also collaborated with fellow Chicagoan R. Kelly on a song called “It’s Your World.” “It has that Chicago thing on it,” she said.

Get a first look before the full video premieres Thursday on VEVO.

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  1. meme

    this track is so well produced.


  2. jet120

    No one is checking for her music


    King Fierce Reply:

    @jet120, Simon was correct! She’s an amazing singer but I just get nothing from her.


  3. Dasean

    @jet120…Just say that YOU are not checking for her music…I love her music and this track is great!


  4. robbiebvanfleet

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  5. Mao_the_cat

    this song makes me so happy. i live for the day i will hear this in a club! live!!!


  6. Kyle

    I am so excited for a new album from her. I hope it drops sometime this Spring!


  7. CLC123

    I think Jet120 is kinda on to something. Ive been a fan of hers since Idol, but if this album doesnt produce a hit single or sell well, I dont think Im gonna be checking for her music anymore. She without has a great voice, but they (her team, writers, producers etc) just cant seem to find he niche. I know it took RhiRhi about 3 albums to really “find her groove” so for that reason, Im hoping third time is a charm for J.Hud. And me personally, Im not here for her in a leotard or attempting choreography. Thats not who she is as an artist…thats far from her strong point. So im a bit puzzled. None the less, i will buy this album like i bought ther others, but it will probably be a make it or break thing for ME.


  8. JD

    I hope it’s a good one. I love the track & I can’t wait for the album. The voice is undeniable.


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