New Music: Lil Wayne, Birdman, & Euro – ‘We Alright’

We Alright

It’s the return of Young Money. The all-star team regroups on “We Alright” featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman, and YMCMB’s newest signee Euro from Providence, Rhode Island.

Tunechi delivers a potent verse, on which he teases the highly-anticipated Carter V. “I’m working on that Carter V / I got this bitch in fifth gear,” he raps.

The ominous banger serves as the first single from their second compilation Young Money: Rise of an Empire, due March 11.

The follow-up to 2009’s We Are Young Money will also feature contributions from Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Lil Twist, Shanell, and Christina Milian.

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  1. ...

    song is dope


  2. j.k

    I like it, this nigga euro is dope


  3. Still I Rise!

    Euro’s verse was the best and even Birdman’s verse was better than Wayne’s. I love me some Lil Wayne but he’s slipping. I wish he would stop talking about p*ssy & d*ck so much in his music. Wtf? It’s like he’s trying to convince people (or himself) that he’s not gay and I get it but it’s overkill at this point. damn! He just kills the whole song for me every time he raps about oral sex. He better step his bars up and STOP with the damn sucking & licking raps cause nobody wants to hear that sh*t in EVERY fuk’n song.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Still I Rise!, EXACTLY bitch! He fucked up two of my favorite songs from the Roman Reloaded era with that shit: High School and Sex in the Lounge. This cannot be tolerated any longer, especially if he’s hoping on landing a coveted feature on Nicki’s latest.


  4. Mrunhateable

    Wayne ate this. Wish they replaced bird man with nicki tho


    Zack Reply:

    Horrible… Especially Euro’s part.


  5. ME

    What happened to weezy?


  6. BadBitch Syndrome

    Wayne was good till he started talking bout pussy…… AGAIN!


  7. sizzurp

    someone slip some cough syrup in wayne’s gatorade …. i think that shit would bring back his old skills and thoughts as far as rapping goes …


  8. Derrick

    or nah … please stop raping birdman


  9. robbiebvanfleet

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  10. meme

    I came here exactly this Euro kid to blow…it was horrible. He sounds good on the chorus but his verse was horrid. Not to mention he sounds similar to drake. YMCMB aint ish without Nick and Drake.


    dbrownn Reply:

    @meme, YMCMB aint nothing without Drake, everyone else in YMCMB including Nicki Minaj is trash


    meme Reply:

    @dbrownn, Nicki is trash most of the times but shes helping YMCMB brand.


    P Reply:

    @dbrownn, So you think Nicki, Busta and Game are trash? kill your self


    GH Reply:

    @meme, truuuuuuuuu


  11. ♪►Muzzac◄♪

    Euro is dope his voice just didn’t sound right for this track to me. I didn’t like his voice on the Chorus I kept getting irritated by it. I could definitely hear Nicki on this she would of murk’d this beat! I can’t wait to hear the tracks that she is going to be on, and I know the boy Drake is gonna come hard too!


  12. Deejay

    Nothing new. I feel like I’ve herd this same song with this same beat from a hundred different rappers.


  13. dbrownn

    Lil Wayne has fallen off musically


  14. Antony

    I’d say Wayne had the best verse because he’s the only who played with the beat and experimented with a couple different flows. I don’t expect that from Birdman, but this new guy Euro really didn’t go in, for what is a huge opportunity for him.. First verse on the first single. You’d think he would have put his heart into that. Disappointed overall.


  15. GH

    The song, concepts, and everything sound way too formulaic and dumbed down as if their label thought: “Surely our listeners won’t realize we aren’t doing anything new if we put out some tracks with shiny new beats!!” Are you impressed? I’m not.

    Compilation albums have short shelf lives (who is still listening to the first YMCMB compilation? Lol), and it’s hard to make a consistent album with so many freakin people. Will it really matter? I don’t know. Maybe this album is just for the fanbase, but I feel like this is a step down for Drake. This album is beneath him. He’s outgrown YMCMB musically, and he can do without Wayne’s played out waxing poetic vagina raps. Lol

    I beg of them, “PLEASE try not to dumb down our culture anymore.” Talk to SCARFACE before you put this mess out.


  16. CARLA



  17. MCA

    nice track!!!



    I like Euro.


  19. H-Town, Bitchhhh

    F**k Haters Wayne killed it


  20. Shaun

    Weezy the king


    kelly Reply:

    @Shaun, right?


  21. gucciboY

    Fuck u guys birdman its a real nigga ask about em all them niggas know bout em if u hate birdman then u must go gay hip hop n i hate the sound of drake his voice 2 soft lol shout out stunna salute u the best brr brr dope track


  22. Carly0727

    His album better be like Rebirth or Carter I! Lets go! BRING BACK THE OLD WEZZY!


  23. kelly

    altho Euro is a new person to young money he is a very good person i want to hear good songs from him


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