Video: Disclosure f/ Mary J. Blige – ‘F for You’

Mary J. Blige

After debuting the song live at New York’s Terminal 5 over the weekend, Disclosure rolls out the full studio version of their single “F for You” featuring Mary J. Blige. The R&B powerhouse adds her soulful vocals to the U.K. duo’s EDM hit and gets down in the illustrated video.

The original song appears on Disclosure’s debut album Settle, which is nominated for Best Dance Album at Sunday’s Grammys.

They also recently collaborated with Bishop Nehru and the legendary Q-Tip, who shared a photo on Instagram.

Watch Disclosure hold court with the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.

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  1. Fan

    I was not ready for that! I mean it in a good way. Normally dont like uptempo pop but this was amazing. Mary did her thing. I just might check their album out!


    Beej Reply:

    @Fan, It’s not pop, it’s house music


  2. Tanni

    Nice. It has a throwback to the 90′s feel. Like Robin S or Martha Wash. Go head Mary. You can do and sing anything.


  3. Settle

    um…..they played and freakin SLAYED! I thought that this would be a wack combination but Mary and Disclosure Did the Damn thing!


  4. fonkyfresh

    pretty sick track, def has that UK sound


  5. Kyle

    Wow, I would’ve never pictured this collaboration but they DID THAT. Great track!


  6. wonderland19



  7. Deon

    Dope. Mary is Queen for real! She can do anything!


  8. pretty brown brown

    yessss im pleasantly surprised. this is a bop!


  9. KayKay

    Who ever decided to add MJB to this song is a genius. Her voice elevated this already bumping tune.


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