Grammy Pre-Party Roundup: T.I., Iggy Azalea, Rita Ora, Solange, Kelly Rowland, Miguel, & Macklemore

Iggy Azalea, T.I., and Rita Ora

In celebration of Music’s Biggest Night, the stars partied it up at Grammy celebrations around town on Thursday.

Solange kicked off Grammy weekend by DJing Spotify and Troy Carter’s Pre-Grammy Music + Tech Party at Atom Factory in Culver City. Her pal Kelly Rowland stopped by to show her support, and Miguel toasted with his model girlfriend Nazanin Mandi and new manager Carter.

The King of the South, T.I., held court with Iggy Azalea at the Friends ‘N’ Family 17 Grammy VIP dinner. Fellow blonde bombshell Rita Ora joined them at the swanky event at Mr. C Hotel Beverly Hills.

“Outchea wasted wit my sober but beautiful homie @thenewclassic… Here’s to da future…. May it be bigger&brighter than da past!!!!” tweeted Tip.

Ahead of their performance at Sunday’s Grammys, seven-time nominees Macklemore & Ryan Lewis performed for their fans and famous friends at a concert for T-Mobile at the Belasco Theater in downtown L.A.

Grammy darling Lorde jetted in from New Zealand to Soho House in West Hollywood for the Delta party, where she performed for an A-list crowd including Christina Aguilera and Cuba Gooding Jr.

Over in Hollywood, hosted his annual TRANS4M Benefit Concert with performances from music icons Busta Rhymes, Bell Biv DeVoe, Slick Rick, and Chaka Khan.

Ariana Grande joined buzzed-about singer-songwriter Tori Kelly for a surprise performance at MTV’s 2014 “Artist to Watch” event at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

See more pics from the kickoff to Grammy weekend below.

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  1. mumi

    Rita what?


  2. Jake

    Omg Iggy looks FLAWLESS. Classic look!


    mollie Reply:

    @Jake, So beyonce bought the no talent at all Solange a job in entertainment, and then she bought herself multiple titles. disgusting!


    Oh Reply:

    @Jake, CANT WAIT FOR The New Classic TO DROP !!! I’m waiting on Azealia BWET to release to RUIN Nicki soon.

    Iggy & Azealia ARE HERE TO STAY


  3. Abamson

    king of south


  4. Darrius

    Busta Rhymes Back away from the Collard greens!


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  6. Lebo(CaribbeanBOi)

    MS KELLY !!!


  7. Old G

    Damm busta lol FUCK happen to you bro lmao


  8. poe

    Tori, Bridget and Ariana!!!


  9. gfb

    what does rita or do exactly


    jackmokelley Reply:

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  10. Andy

    Nicki and Rihanna understudies!!!


    Oh Reply:

    @Andy, Lil Kim and Aaliyah understudies!!!


  11. IV

    Solange and Kelly look very similar


  12. Javis

    Agrees iggy looks flawless, most of errbodi else dressed like its halloween lol


  13. Erik Washington

    Both Kelly and Solange look wonderful.


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