Kanye West Beating Victim Scores Six-Figure Settlement

Kanye West

Kanye West has agreed to pay more than $250,000 to the kid who he allegedly beat up in a Beverly Hills chiropractor office earlier this month.

TMZ reports that the young man who hurled racial epithets at Kim Kardashian has agreed to the civil settlement and won’t go forward with criminal prosecution.

The incident occurred after the man called Kim a “n****r lover” and yelled other obscenities at her. Kanye burst into the waiting room and reportedly punched the victim in his face.

During settlement negotiations, the man tried to demand payment in the upper six figures, but ended up accepting around $250,000.

The D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery, but it’s unlikely since they now have an uncooperative victim. The alleged racial slurs will also not sit well with a jury.

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  1. Yeezus Christ

    call my wife a nikker love, here’s 250k …smh


  2. Raaaandy

    this is so lame


  3. gegee

    Here is a quick way to make a bank. Say something nasty around kanye, he will punch you then he pays you money.


  4. hilarybanxx

    This is ridiculous. Ain’t this like the 600th victim he has payed off. I can’t wait until he touches the wrong person and they beat him up or won’t take his money.


  5. dreincharacter

    If this was any other person, everyone would have called it justified. Call any mans woman ANY profanity and you’re looking to get your head caved in.

    But since it’s Kanye, he’s automatically a degenerate who deserves to pay out and die.

    Kid deserved a punch in the face…


  6. T

    He can woop my ass if he wants I wouldn’t mind


  7. Take2

    I think it’s Stupid how he can pay people and it’s ok.he needs to go to jail and Kim do to for calling him.he gonna beat Kim butt too when they get married.


    triplea Reply:

    @Take2, you are a retard.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Take2, you’re stupid


    MMG-SUEDE Reply:

    @Take2, your tired


  8. Hank

    What an idiot. Another fool giving up hard earned money in the name of a white hoe. This racist is about to have all of his loans paid off smh


  9. meme

    wow…Kanye is stupid. Glad that guy got what he wanted from this whole thing


    lol meme u trippin Reply:

    @meme, your glad a racist got paid for being racist. lmao are you serious?


  10. Hasanna

    So a person yells racial slurs at you you beat them up and they get 250,000 dollars wow…


  11. Ro

    LOOL I was expecting this. I remember commenting on the news when we learned Kanye punched the kid. My reaction was “Oh this kid is so smart and Kanye just made him a huge favor, he is about to be rich”. Annnnnnnnnnd I was right. Though I thought he would get more than 250K.

    I want Kanye to beat me up to!Lol.

    Ugh, what a crazy world…



  12. what

    y’all all sound uneducated. he probably would have spent more money and unnecessary time dealing with the case.
    $250K is pocket change to kanye anyway


  13. Javis

    Yass @dreincharacter definitely agrees


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