New Mixtape: J. Cole – ‘Revenge of the Dreamers’

Revenge of the Dreamers

J. Cole celebrates his 29th birthday by dropping his free mixtape Revenge of the Dreamers. The 11 tracks include appearances from his Dreamville family including Bas and Omen, plus the original version of “Crooked Smile.” He raps over Tupac’s “Ambitionz az a Ridah” (“Lil’ Niggaz”) and samples Miguel’s “Do You…” (“Lit”).

He has also launched his own Dreamville label with Interscope Records.

“This shit started back in ’07 summertime. Muhammad crib,” said Cole. “Dreamville partnered with Interscope Records (RIP Pac!). Congrats to the Dreamville staff, the movement. This is only the beginning. Enjoy the tape!”

Stream and download his gift below.


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  1. Kiara

    Love this man & everything he stands for. #Honest


  2. 2bad2bme

    my muf*cka husband…i’m soooo in love


  3. arno

    gotta love this nigga


  4. Bogus




    this dude is old


    Quest Reply:

    @CARLOS, 29 is old? Oh.


  6. iAm_F0rEiGn

    This man here is a gift. Thanks for the Mixtape Cole, Tear came to my eye when i heard the orginal crooked smile, cause that me right there, I have a gap and everybody use to pick on me!!!!
    #CrookedSmile #RevengeOfTheDreamers


  7. No Angel



  8. Morgan

    Congratulations, Cole. And Happy Birthday!!


  9. Middlefinger

    Young, Black and Gifted, happy birthday and thank you Cole


  10. Gaz

    Wow, loving the track that samples Miguel’s “Do You”. Cole’s album was one of the best hip hop releases of 2013


  11. WannaMinaj?

    WOW…WOW…OK! When did he drop this! CRAZYYYY Cole is my fave he here taking OVER!


    Bogus Reply:

    @WannaMinaj?, Sit down


    WannaMinaj? Reply:

    @Bogus, Oh why don’t you go sit your lil ass down? A wasn’t here talking to you!


  12. Oarabile

    I’m all the way from South africa ,and I like to say Happy birthday To the lyric genius himself #Coleworld ,best Rapper for me by Far ,Nigga is Gawwdly .


  13. guy

    can someone explain this Muhammed crib business plz???


    Yasmine Reply:

    @guy, Muhammad was J. Cole’s landlord in college. “Even back when I was up there in Muhammad crib, paying $1700 for the rent, money well spent no heater but a nigga made heat, may I vent?” He was basically a cool dude who, because he believed in J. Cole, cut him slack on overdue rent and allowed him to pay what he owed once he got his record deal.


  14. Andy

    I just heard the snippet. Then I paused and downloaded it.


  15. Malik

    Cole sounds so high on track 9 hahaha.


  16. John Paul

    Cole is a whack lil ass nikka. Jst joking. The nikka be hella dope, gotta lv hm n hbd cole


  17. opd2

    checking it out now.


  18. csheppard

    Yo The beats sound like they came straight from Fl studio… Butt the flow is definitely on point… as always…King Cole… why not?.. everybody claim to be one nowhere days.


  19. CallMeAce

    Best 5 in order: Lit, snippet, revenge of the dreamers, golden goals, and bitchez.


  20. Money

    this man is truth i love him hands down my fav been #1 fan since the beginning


  21. Money

    this man is may fav been a born sinner since the beginning


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