Ne-Yo and Celine Dion

Ne-Yo Shoots ‘Incredible’ Video with Celine Dion

What do you get when you combine Celine Dion’s big voice and Ne-Yo’s songwriting skills? An “Incredible” duet. The pop diva and R&B crooner went in front of the lens to shoot a video for their collaboration off Celine’s latest album Loved Me Back to Life. “Good Morning America” was on set as they filmed on a rooftop in downtown L.A. last week.

It was Celine’s 13-year-old son son René-Charles Angelil who persuaded her to do the collaboration. “He said, ‘Mom, you don’t even have to listen to the song. You have to do it,'” said Celine.

At first, Ne-Yo was hesitant about singing with the vocal powerhouse. “The issue for me, initially, was the whole concept of a duet,” he said. “You know, it’s Celine Dion.”

But the 45-year-old veteran was able to learn from her 31-year-old collaborator. “Ne-Yo, among other artists, gave me the chance to still be the best of myself with a little bit of tweaking the sound, on a modern approach,” she said.

Their inspirational anthem will be played at next month’s 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Go behind the scenes of “Incredible” below.

Photo credit: Splash News

  • Dave

    Ne-yo is a such a damn sell out, he used to make good rnb music. smh.

    • Peter

      @Dave, You’re a fucking idiot. Ne-Yo still makes R&B music and it’s being VERSATILE. Something your narrow-minded ass can’t understand. Celine Dion is a legend and Ne-Yo is an incredible songewriter.

      • janice

        @Peter, Yes this is MAJOR exciting news. Both of these people are MAJOR talents. Now we’ll get the real QUEEN on the stage, and get this darn nasty beyonce in the background where she belongs.

        She and R. Kelly were out of this world together, but with Neyo she’ll be just as great.

        WOW! excited

        Now all we need to do is get Lady Gaga, Pink, Ciara, out in 2014 and on the concert tour to have an amazing year of great music.

        I love Dion so much. Ciara’s voice would be good with her voice. They should do a collabo.

    • toni

      @Dave, So if you dont support one of JZ high yellow negroes, you are a sell out these days?

      JZ is determined to use whatever influence he has, over dim wits, to keep blk and brown girls in the background, but he’s not discriminatory, right? Is that what he brainwashed you to believe?

  • Jay Scorpio Navy General

    It’s an amazing duet and i really hope this song gets the coverage it deserves!

    Very powerful and uplifting

  • francis singh

    Ne-Yo is not a damn sell out!! He is actually working with legends, His music repertoire will now go beyond rap and R an B. Celine Dion is a worldwide international artist.

    • christine

      @francis singh,
      Dont you know that anyone who supports great talent will affect JZ’s attempts to have his mediocre Beyonce, rihanna, rita, shakira, at the top?

      black negroes really believe that buying into JZ cries of racism to keep beyonce on top, is helping the black race. stupid!

  • pills

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  • HEXstarr

    I love this song :) it’s awesome.

  • joyce

    The greatest singers alive today are – Celine, Lady Gaga, Monica, Patti Labelle, Gladys Knight, and Estelle.

    Good singers are – beyonce, keyshia, keri, ciara, fantasia, pink, katy perry, brittany, and JHud

    Greatest all around performers with dance moves – ciara, lady gaga, pink(acrobatic dance)

    Greatest dancer of all times is the GREAT CIARA. Michael J only invented one great dance few could imitate- the moonwalk.

    Ciara stepped into another world on Bodyparty when she

    rolled her hips and dropped suddenly (wow – no one can imitate it)

    twerked like no other on her GET UP video. many imitators but no duplicators

    danced like no other on RIDE

    danced like no other on love sex magic

    Ciara is the greatest all around performer of our time