New Music: Kid Ink f/ Chris Brown & Tyga – ‘Main Chick (Remix)’

Kid Ink and Tyga

Fresh off their “Iz U Down” collaboration, Tyga links up with fellow L.A. rapper Kid Ink on the remix to “Main Chick.” Chris Brown also lends his vocals to the remix and original, which appears on Kid Ink’s album My Own Lane.

On February 15, Tyga will open his Last Kings flagship store on Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles.

Plus, watch him teach Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day how to ghost ride the whip as part of MTV’s “Retromania: Hip-Hop Week.”


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  1. Rob

    Its Chris Brown f/ Kid Ink.. not Kid Ink f/ Chris Brown rap-up! This was taken from ‘X Files’ mixtape.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Rob, The three of them could be related. AM I LYING?


    Zack Reply:

    @Rob, Main chick was on my own lane. Its kid ink ft. Cb


    Love that i'm english Reply:

    @Rob, Plus the versiom on X Flies is the unfinished version


  2. Lolz

    but it’s on kid inks ALBUM as well


  3. jazmine

    why aubrey acting like that with chynas man tho lmao


  4. Derrickswag



  5. lolathaters

    They look like they stink


  6. Anti-Basic

    this sound is getting so played out. DJ Mustard needs to bring some fresh sounds, not keep recycling the same old shit.


  7. Audi RS5

    both of these guys are lames cant believe i use to actually like them


  8. from france

    One of the best song of the moment

    i imagine this in my car while driving….


  9. 106allsmiles

    I like the original version better. But it’s alright?


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