Drake Gets Tattoo of His Father’s Mug Shot

Drake Tattoo

Drake is honoring his dad with some new ink. The Canadian rapper visited Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood last week to get a tattoo of his father, Dennis Graham, on his arm. The mini portrait, which he shared on Instagram, was taken from a mug shot of the senior Graham.

“Fun Mini portrait from a mugshot of @champagnepapi’s dad,” tweeted tattoo artist Dr. Woo.

Drizzy’s pops was emotional upon seeing it. “This means the world to me, my baby,” he tweeted.

This is not Drake’s first family tat. He also has tattoos of his mother, grandmother, uncle, and Aaliyah on his back.

See the original mug shot and other ink below.

Dennis Graham

Drake Back Tattoos

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  1. Rocky

    Rappers will be hard pressed to be more corny than Drake


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @Rocky, That tattoo looks really lonely..lol. Bitches be thinking that it’s enough to commit to the idea of a tattoo, but then choose dumb/ugly/generic art that grounds any integrity of the tattoo in stupidity. The tattoos on his back are horrid. That shit stays with you for life, and you choose this? Think about the arrangement too. No one is honored by an ugly rendering of their face.


  2. Major Sushi

    he’s so pretty…. and he had to choose the ugly tattoos to put on his body


  3. Grant

    This queen is such an attention whore.


    meme Reply:

    @Grant, he didnt post this pic, the tattooe artist did. go sit ur ass down


  4. Mr. Fye



  5. Hov

    Drake the type of nigga that eat his girl while she on her period.


  6. thedon

    Drake has the weirdest tattoos…


    joe Reply:

    @thedon, loll so it’s weird to get tats of your family than to get YMCMB, M.O.B and other ‘gangster’ sht tatted on you?


  7. Messi

    Drake the type of nigga that cuddles with a prostitute lmao


  8. jordan y

    I think the aaliyah & owl tat r kool.


  9. ymcmb

    interesting to choose a mugshot lol but its his body and his choice


  10. nelliemgolden

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  11. Beej

    “This is not Drake’s first family tat. He also has tattoos of his mother, grandmother, uncle, and Aaliyah on his back.”

    …But Aaliyah is not his family… This nicca stay obsessed.


  12. Navvy

    Drake I like what you do make Aaliyah was the best and I rest her too! But now its all about young money ask me I gut the albums singles and mixtapes you the shiit man!


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